The City of Springfield (Massachusetts) was unwittingly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly on unnecessary overtime across its 33 departments, and inadequate oversight of improper leave accrual practices significantly inflated retirement payouts. The City's 1,500 employees, not including the school district's 5,000 employees, filled out paper timesheets before a timekeeper in each department input the information into a spreadsheet. But the manual process wasn't reliable, and employee sick, leave, and vacation time wasn't always recorded and deducted, increasing payouts. The City was experiencing large budget deficits and needed access to data that could help it better manage workforce costs, which represent 65 percent of the operating budget.

What the City of Springfield needed was a solution that could:

  • Increase employee accountability for verifying their actual time worked and time off taken
  • Provide visibility into real-time labor data across all departments to better manage labor costs
  • Accurately apply the bargaining agreement rules of each of its 13 municipal and 13 school district unions
  • Help reduce unnecessary overtime and its significant costs
  • Provide labor data and analytics for informed decision making, better budget planning, and ongoing budget oversight
"We've made good progress in the last five to six years in Springfield, and a lot of it is because we have good labor data to make better decisions with, which in turn leads to cost savings and enhanced services for our residents."

TJ Plante
Chief Administrative and Financial Officer


The City of Springfield and the Springfield Public Schools elected to implement an automated Kronos workforce management solution to better manage labor costs, increase productivity, and improve compliance. The solution interfaces with Munis, an enterprise resource planning system. Workforce TeleStaff™ is used in the fire and police departments.

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track and manage employee time and attendance to reduce payroll and leave inflation and manual errors
  • Gain insight into approaching overtime to better control labor costs
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements

Workforce Absence Manager

  • Identify workers with attendance issues to improve workforce productivity
  • Gain visibility into trends and patterns with on-demand reporting to control absence costs
  • Get complete automation and enforcement of absence-related policies

Workforce Analytics

  • Gain a single view of reliable workforce data and access comprehensive reports for informed decision making
  • Manage in the moment with visibility into real-time performance information that helps you see and understand labor issues
  • Audit workforce data to see similar patterns across the organization and pursue opportunities for improvement


Hourly employees now clock in and out in the Kronos solution — and attest to their time in the solution each week — giving the City of Springfield an accurate accounting of employee time worked and sick, leave, and vacation time taken. Real-time visibility into employee time and fast access to analytics data has enabled the City to better manage overtime, reducing overtime by 50 percent for building inspections and alarm call backs. Custodial overtime spending also has been cut by $800,000. Using labor level transfers in the solution, the City can easily determine how much time employees have spent working on specific projects when it reports back to state and federal agencies. After a tornado hit Springfield and damaged city-owned buildings, the City received $28 million from FEMA in just months because of the quality data it provided.



with visibility into real-time data,
helping to spark economic recovery


in custodial overtime spending with
real-time visibility into labor costs