Many of the City of Ft. Myers' 33 municipal locations performed timekeeping differently. With numerous employee types, and each having different pay rules and contracts, paying employees correctly was extremely complex and difficult. Timekeepers at each location were expected to understand and correctly apply pay rules, a challenging task. A mix of manual and electronic timesheets and no timeclocks resulted in employees often noting their time as 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Overtime rules weren't always applied consistently, and questions arose about the correct application of all labor laws. An audit of employee timesheets required a tedious search through boxes of archived paper files. Creating equitable schedules that meet all police and fire department rules was also challenging.

What the City of Ft. Myers needed was a solution that could

  • Eliminate manual processes, create internal controls, and provide a centralized database of all employee information
  • Correctly pay employees according to each employee type's pay rules and bargaining unit contract rules
  • Allay FLSA concerns about paying hourly employees correctly and for their lunch breaks, as well as employee timesheets matching actual hours worked
  • Provide accurate accounting of part-time employee hours to ensure compliance with Affordable Care Act rules
  • Deliver accurate tracking of leave time taken to comply with FMLA requirements
  • Eliminate storage needs to archive paper timesheets and streamline the audit process
  • Automatically generate fair schedules that comply with police and fire department union rules
"We expect to see tremendous savings financially [with Kronos] because we will have much tighter control, which will avoid overpayments. It also will save timekeepers so much time and enable more practical and efficient use of staff time than inputting data."

Ellen Clyatt
Director of HR


The City of Ft. Myers implemented a Kronos® scheduling solution to automate scheduling and shift notifications for its police and fire department employees. It also uses a Kronos workforce management solution for other municipal staff, including seasonal employees. The solutions integrate with the City's Eden payroll, HR, and finance system.

Workforce TeleStaff

  • Create fair, equitable schedules that comply with union, HR, and other department rules and policies
  • Ensure qualified and available employees are scheduled based on certification requirements
  • Apply rules-based overtime assignments in order of entitlement and provide audit tracking
  • Make outbound calls to fill open shifts — according to each position's required qualifications - in minutes instead of hours
  • Relay scheduling communications and document all communications

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track and manage employee time and attendance to reduce payroll and leave inflation and manual errors
  • Gain insight into approaching overtime to better control labor costs
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements

Workforce Leave

  • Automatically enforce FMLA and other organizational, local, state, and federal leave policies for ongoing compliance
  • Increase productivity by automating leave processes, including requesting leave, checking eligibility, generating documentation, sending notification reminders, and following up
  • Minimize the impact on operations with insight into leave cases enabling you to plan ahead for schedule openings


The City's 900 full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees use a Kronos solution. The police and fire departments now have fair and equitable scheduling that ensures qualified staff is on the job. With time and attendance information now automated, department timekeepers are saving significant time, freeing them up for other tasks. The City also expects to see financial savings with its tighter control of labor data. Contracts and labor rules are automatically interpreted and applied correctly by employee type, ensuring correct paychecks and reducing compliance concerns. Potential overpayment for holiday time and misinterpretation of overtime rules also will no longer be concerns. The replacement of paper timesheets with an automated solution reduces storage needs and streamlines the audit process. In addition, modernizing its workforce management tools, as have surrounding communities, will enable the City of Ft. Myers to improve its recruitment of new hires and retention of valued staff.


seen with department timekeepers no
longer manually processing timesheets


expected with centralized control
over labor data across departments