Carlie C's IGA began as a single grocery store in Johnston County, North Carolina, in the early 1960s and grew over the years to 25 locations focused on serving the needs of the community. To achieve this mission, Carlie C's IGA offers a full range of services, including curbside pickup and delivery, and invests in creating a flexible and engaging workplace for employees. Many of the stores are located in the same areas, enabling stores to share associates, who can swap shifts or pick up extra shifts at a nearby store. Carlie C's IGA was a longtime user of a Kronos workforce management solution with its 1,500 employees and was interested in how the latest technology could provide additional features and functionality to further enhance management of its workforce.

Carlie C's IGA needed a solution that could:

  • Provide real-time reporting on hours and wages by department and location to enhance control of labor costs
  • Streamline correction of missed punches before payroll processing
  • Offer mobile functionality with geofencing so associates can clock in and out on their mobile devices when on site and access their schedules and timecards, while also simplifying time-off requests and approvals
  • Improve automatic application of specific schedule patterns
  • Help ensure compliance with a new break policy
"I can get the information that our managers want much faster. Having real-time access to data is one of the biggest benefits [of Workforce Dimensions]. It's right there at your fingertips and it's live. You don't need to wait until the end of the day."

Hannah Boren
Labor Analyst


Seeking additional functionality to further improve its workforce management, increase efficiency, and enhance employee engagement, Carlie C's IGA selected the Workforce Dimensions™ suite from Kronos. The solution interfaces with existing HR and payroll systems.

Workforce Dimensions Hourly Timekeeping

  • Easily view timecards and see exceptions such as missing, early-in, and late-out punches
  • Ensure fewer payroll errors with ways to view accruals, weekly totals, exceptions, and transfers all in one place
  • Increase labor-costing accuracy, strengthen auditability, and reduce off-cycle paychecks
  • Increase employee engagement as employees complete timecard tasks quickly on their mobile devices

Workforce Dimensions Scheduling

  • Align staff coverage with fluctuating business demand, minimize wasteful overstaffing, and avoid unplanned overtime costs
  • Improve volume forecasting by analyzing special events, pooling organizational data, and learning over time
  • Enable employees to identify shift preferences and availability - and easily swap shifts
  • Ensure employees get enough rest between and during shifts to avoid burnout

Workforce Dimensions Absence Management

  • Provide employees with easy ways to view and manage their absences and accruals
  • Identify absence trends to prevent issues before they occur and consistently enforce time-off rules and control absenteeism cost, risk, and productivity issues
  • Streamline administration of organizational, local, state, and federal leave policies and help ensure compliance with leave regulations
  • Automate absence management — for employees and managers — on any device to help maintain productivity


Following a smooth solution implementation, Carlie C's IGA has seen increased efficiency, including a reduction in missed punches needing correction, enabling store managers to send associates' hours to payroll two hours earlier each pay period. The scheduling process also has been streamlined with a shift copy-and-paste feature and schedule templates, patterns, and transfers. New mobile functionality with geofencing enables associates to clock in and out anywhere in a store on their smartphones. They also can use solution self-service tools to view their schedules, timecards, and accrual balances and swap shifts and request time off. When managers approve shift swaps in the solution, the schedule automatically updates. Data views provide real-time data on hours and wages by department and location, enabling managers to adjust as needed to control labor costs. During the coronavirus pandemic, Carlie C's IGA easily provided additional crisis pay to associates through a special pay code. And with the advent of a new break policy, the grocery store chain will be able to consistency apply break rules across all stores to help ensure compliance.

60 to 80% FEWER

as weekly numbers dropped from
125 to 50, and to 25 some weeks


with fewer punch corrections and
associates' time sent 2 hours earlier