Banner Health, a nonprofit healthcare system based in Phoenix, Arizona, operates 28 hospitals and several specialized facilities in six states. Banner offers its 50,000 employees a 30-minute paid break. To ensure employees were taking an uninterrupted break for a full 30 minutes, they are required to clock in and out for their break. Despite the use of timers and other reminders, employees sometimes clocked back in early a few minutes or more and subsequently got paid for their entire 30-minute break time or for an hour, depending on state regulations. This resulted in Banner Health paying employees hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for paid employee breaks, also known as "short total breaks."

What Banner Health needed was a solution that could:

  • Help improve compliance with labor regulations and organization policies
  • Require employees to attest at the time clock that they have taken an uninterrupted break, attest they are punching back in early because they have been asked to return to work, or attest they voluntarily gave up their break
  • Track and document employee meal break time taken by minutes to show trends in departments and by employee
  • Report on short total breaks paid by employee, department, and time groups
"The Kronos Attestation module has given us a way to drastically cut back on short total breaks because the time clock tells them they are clocking in so many minutes early. … The module paid for itself in year 1, and we saved $740,000. In year 2 we're tracking for annualized savings of $918,000."

Kathy DaSilva
Operations Consultant, Finance


Recognizing the importance of complying with labor regulations and the incremental cost of short total breaks, Banner Health, a longtime user of Kronos® solutions, added the Kronos Attestation Tool Kit to verify whether each employee has taken an uninterrupted 30-minute meal break. The solution provides data to improve adherence to regulations and policies — and curtail unintended labor costs.

Kronos Attestation Tool Kit

  • Provide meal and break documentation through employee self-service tools that capture whether employees took required meals and breaks
  • Enable employees to view and approve or reject timecard changes and totals at the time clock before manager approvals
  • Access actionable data to improve adherence to policies to minimize compliance risk

Workforce Scheduler

  • Create schedules that comply with staffing requirements, collective agreements, and labor law regulations
  • Optimize schedules by aligning the right employees with the right skills at the right locations and times
  • Increase employee engagement through more control of their schedules, including self-service tools for filling open shifts and swapping shifts

Workforce Analytics for Healthcare

  • Gain a single view of reliable workforce data and access comprehensive reports for informed decision making
  • Manage in the moment with visibility into real-time performance indicators that helps you see and understand labor issues
  • Audit workforce data to see similar patterns across the organization and pursue opportunities for improvement


When Banner Health employees clock back in from a break earlier than 30 minutes, they now attest at the time clock whether they have been asked to return to work early. If they have missed their break, they attest to this at the end of the day whether they voluntarily gave up their break. Employee breaks are properly documented and managers are notified if employees return from break early and why. In the first year after Banner Health implemented the Kronos Attestation Tool Kit, the solution paid for itself and the organization saw short total break savings of $740,000. In the second year, Banner Health is on target to realize $918,000 in annualized savings in short total breaks.


in short total break(s) over two years
by using Kronos Attestation Tool Kit


with labor regulations and agreements
with employees attesting to break time