Anesthesia Practice Consultants (APC), a large independent practice, provides anesthesia services to hospitals, surgical centers, and medical offices at 28 locations in west Michigan. APC had moved from paper-based scheduling of its 140 physicians and 90 CRNAs and anesthesiology assistants to an automated scheduling solution but found it lacking. The solution needed an entire day to run the schedule and ongoing oversight in case it stalled during the process. Running a call report took hours, and the solution didn't interface smoothly with APC's other software products. In addition, the practice's clinical providers found the solution difficult and cumbersome to use. APC realized it needed a more user-friendly scheduling solution.

Anesthesia Practice Consultants needed a solution that could:

  • Streamline scheduling providers across all 28 locations that need daily and/or call coverage
  • Create fair and equitable call assignments for each team of specialty anesthesia providers
  • Provide fast, detailed reporting on the quarterly call assignments of each specialty provider
  • Enable shift trades without scheduler involvement while ensuring providers who trade shifts have the right certifications
  • Offer a mobile solution to enable providers to remotely check their schedules, request no-call and time-off, and make shift trades
"EZCall is a powerful, fantastic tool and has applications not just for anesthesia and the OR but across all of healthcare and specialties. I can't say enough good things about the pressure it takes off my plate and the plate of our schedulers by being a solid system we can rely on."

Jack Dillon, MBA, MSHR
Executive Director


Anesthesia Practice Consultants implemented the Kronos EZCall solution to streamline daily scheduling of providers with the right skills at each location and create equitable call schedules to reduce staff fatigue and enhance staff engagement and satisfaction.

Kronos EZCall

  • Create equitable on-call, assignment, and rotation schedules across multiple locations
  • Ensure medical staff with the right skills are at the right locations at the right times
  • Provide staff with visibility into the latest schedules, call assignments, and next-day cases through the easy-to-use mobile application
  • Optimize work-life balance, reducing staff burnout and fatigue


Anesthesia Practice Consultants has reduced the time spent creating the call schedule. The six to eight hours previously required to run and process a quarterly call schedule with prior scheduling solutions have been reduced to just 30 to 60 minutes with Kronos EZCall. The solution measures and reports on the quarterly call burden, enabling APC's anesthesia teams to see whether call assignments are equitable. More equitable assignments have reduced staff fatigue and burnout. Providers are enthusiastic about the easy access to the solution through their computers and the mobile app. They can view their schedules, request no-call and time off, and complete shift trades in the solution, which ensures only staff with the right certifications can switch or fill open shifts. New hires also find the solution fast and easy to learn and use.


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schedule of anesthesia providers


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reduce fatigue, enhance satisfaction