The Affordable Care Act

Manage compliance and control the impact.

Simplify the highly complex ACA compliance process.

The Affordable Care Act, PPACA, Health Care Reform, Obamacare, Insurance Compliance, Employer Shared Responsibility — whatever your organization is calling it — you need to take action now. The Affordable Care Act not only impacts the U.S. healthcare system, but the way you manage your workforce as well.

Get the right tools to help reduce ACA compliance risk.

Monitor your workforce

Monitor your workforce

According to ACA regulations, you must determine which employees are eligible for coverage using the “look-back” period (a 3-12 month time frame to determine which part-time employees should be reclassified as full time). Kronos solutions can help provide accurate employee information about average hours worked by analyzing schedules, time records, and benefits enrollment in real time.

Provide comprehensive auditing

Provide comprehensive auditing

The benefits administration process may become more complex with ACA requirements, as auto-enrollment may be mandated for qualifying large employers. Comprehensive auditing and reporting tools will permit you to provide evidence of your compliance efforts to government agencies.

Deliver timely reporting and required forms

Deliver timely reporting and required forms

Determine benefit eligibility with timely reporting of employee data. By leveraging the valuable data you collect, you will be able to provide evidence of ACA compliance efforts through reporting. Kronos tools put key compliance information at your fingertips so you can deliver the required forms you will need to prove ACA compliance.

ACA compliance requires a proactive approach.

Kronos helps you take a proactive — not reactive — approach in developing strategies for managing your workforce to help with ACA compliance and control the potential impact of associated costs.

  • Real-time, accurate data

    Track average hours worked by full- and part-time employees to comply with ACA regulations

  • Eligibility determination

    Automated system determines eligibility for ACA benefits

  • Monitor and analyze workforce data

    Track workforce schedules, time records, and benefits enrollment in real time

  • Comprehensive auditing and reporting

    Provide clear evidence of your ACA compliance efforts to government agencies

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