Department of Labor/Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance

Manage compliance and minimize risk.

Optimize your workforce to minimize FLSA compliance risk.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) will extend overtime pay protections to over 4 million workers. Without the right workforce solution in place, your organization could be at risk for unnecessary litigation and subsequent financial challenges. Kronos® helps you minimize compliance risk by providing high-quality information that’s centralized, comprehensive, and available in real time.

Get the right tools to help reduce FLSA compliance risk

Automate processes

Automate processes

Believe it or not, many companies still rely on manual, paper-based methods to track and process employee data. Kronos solutions automate these manual tasks to help you keep pace with government and industry regulations so you can apply appropriate policies and rules easily and accurately to help facilitate compliance.

Provide comprehensive auditing

Provide comprehensive auditing

The DOL requires payroll records to be kept for proof of wages, including timecards, schedules, and overtime calculations. Comprehensive auditing and reporting tools will permit you to provide evidence of your compliance efforts to government agencies.

Deliver timely reporting with a single, reliable record

Deliver timely reporting with a single, reliable record

With Kronos, you get a single reliable record of all employee information to document that FLSA policies are being applied consistently and fairly throughout your organization. Kronos tools put key compliance information at your fingertips so you can deliver the required forms you will need to prove FLSA compliance.

Follow the FLSA compliance rules with reliable tools

Kronos helps you develop strategies for managing your workforce to help with FLSA compliance and to control the potential costly impact.

  • Best-fit schedules

    Create schedules that account for business and compliance needs

  • Monitor and analyze workforce data

    Track workforce schedules, time records, and overtime in real time

  • Comprehensive auditing and reporting

    Provide clear evidence of your FLSA compliance efforts to government agencies

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