Did you know that 80% of resolutions fail by February? That is astonishing! I have to say that I am 100% committed to not being a part of that 80% because I have two very important ones to keep.

If you caught my post last month, you know that I made two promises as New Year’s resolutions – one personal and one professional. On the personal side, I’d like to share that although my pace isn’t much faster than a tortoise, I’m running, and I’m running consistently! I also picked up a great read called Shut Up and Run which is helping me stay motivated when I am not laced up. It’s working wonders.

My other resolution is to keep Workforce Ready customers in the know with all things Workforce Ready; so, I’d like to highlight a fantastic new webinar we have available to Workforce Ready customers called Building a Product Roadmap.

Your Feedback Shapes the Future of Workforce Ready

Building a Product Roadmap for Workforce Ready

In this short 30-mintue webinar, I chat with Jess Griffin, VP of product management and Chris Kiklas, director of product management, about how we build a product roadmap for Workforce Ready. You can catch the webinar live today at 1pm EST or on-demand.

During the webinar, you’ll get a chance to:


  1. Learn how the Workforce Ready team researches, plans, and assigns new features
  2. Glimpse into the future at our key investments for 2019
  3. Understand how you can engage with us to help shape the future of Workforce Ready
  4. View a demo of how to provide feedback using the IDEAS section on the Kronos Community

We hope you can join us, but if year-end tasks have you busy, have no fear. You can catch the replay anytime. Be sure to register so we can get the recording over to you!

Published: Thursday, January 10, 2019