At first you were afraid, you were petrified… 

That’s likely an overstatement, but jumping into the role of a Workforce Ready Administrator can seem daunting at the start. What should you do? Where should you go? What’s your first step?  

We’ve got a checklist for that.  


The Survival Checklist for a New Workforce Ready Administrator lives within the Kronos Community and is accessible to you on demand. Simply log in to the Kronos Community, select Workforce Ready in the Product Resources drop-down on the menu bar, and click Survival Checklist on the right-hand side.   

WFR survival checklist access

This brings us to the first step on the checklist: 

  1. Register for the Kronos Community. First, you’ll need to register for access to the Kronos Community. This requires your solution ID. If you don't know what it is, let us know at [email protected]
  2. Join groups. You’ll determine which community groups you want to be a part of over time, but two you’ll want to join from the start are Workforce Ready Alerts and Workforce Ready Announcements.  
  3. Visit the online demo center. Here, you’ll find a high-level overview of Workforce Ready.  
  4. Bookmark the Workforce Ready Product Resource page in the Kronos Community. You’ll be going there often for knowledgebase articles, release readiness info, training, etc. And if you ever misplace your copy of the Survival Checklist, you can find it there. 
  5. Attend training. Visit Ready Registration to see the currently available, instructor-led courses designed for administrators.  
  6. Ask questions! Even if you haven't attended any instructor-led training, you can sign up for Q&A sessions through Ready Registration 
  7. Leverage My Learning. Available within your Workforce Ready solution, My Learning provides access to over 300 different learning assets.  
  8. Bookmark the Release Readiness page on the Kronos Community. You’ll be going here often as well to find out what’s new and what’s next.  
  9. Download user guides and release notes. Like My Learning, these resources can be found within your Workforce Ready solution.  
  10. Subscribe to Workforce Matters. This is the Kronos Customer newsletter providing insight on how to best optimize your solution.  

Download the complete checklist for more details on each of the steps. The list even has little checkboxes alongside each item! There’s something about marking those off after completing an item…gratifying. Am I right?  

Published: Tuesday, June 5, 2018