I don’t know much about what it takes to be a technology administrator, but I do know that you don’t have time to waste. I know that you're pulled here, there, and everywhere throughout the day; and so, I should actually take a quick second to say thanks for reading this post: thanks!

Cutting to the chase – the worth-it read mentioned in the title of this article. It’s called The Survival Checklist for a New Workforce Central Administrator. And here’s what you need to know about it.

  1. How it helps you – It outlines the information, tools, and resources you need to effectively run your Workforce Central solution, like specific pages in the Kronos Community, the Kronos KnowledgePass learning portal, the Workforce Matters newsletter, this blog (Working Smarter Café), and details about getting support.
  2. How to get it Log into the Kronos Community and then follow this link to download your copy. You can also find the link on the Workforce Central Product Resources page. Click on Product Resources in the menu bar and select Workforce Central. The checklist is on the right-hand side under Other Workforce Central Resources.

A Worth-It Read for Workforce Central Administrators


For those who are new and aren’t set up in the community yet, you can also download from the Kronos website here.

If you're sipping coffee with a few extra moments to spare, here’s a deeper preview of the checklist items.

  • Register for the Kronos Community – Some of the links in the checklist are dependent on logging in.
  • Join the Right Kronos community groups that suit your needs – Joining the conversation in product-specific or special-topic groups is a great way to connect with Kronos experts and other users with similar interests.
  • Bookmark the Workforce Central Product Resources page – This is where you’ll find links to helpful product information.
  • Bookmark the Cloud Resources page – If you’re a cloud customer, this is where you’ll go for content about the operational details you need to know.
  • Bookmark the Workforce Central Learn page – Go here for helpful links to education resources like job aids, how-tos, and on-demand tutorials.
  • Bookmark the Workforce Central Documentation page – For user guides, service pack information, and software updates.
  • Subscribe to Workforce Matters – Workforce Matters is our quarterly customer newsletter containing product information, upcoming events and webinars, industry articles, and insight into helping you make the most of your Kronos solution.  
  • Subscribe to Working Smarter Café – Hence the name, this blog aims to help you work smarter with your solution through sharing product adoption tips and tricks, examples of how the latest software enhancements can improve your experience, and other interesting tidbits.  

Download the complete checklist for more detail on each of the steps! It’s just what you need as a new administrator at your organization trying to fast-track yourself up to speed on all the technology solutions you’re managing. It’s sure to save you time on the Kronos side with the info and links you need in an accessible centralized format.

A Worth-It Read for Workforce Central Administrators

Published: Tuesday, February 5, 2019