Last week was the first ever WorkInspired week at Kronos!

We kicked off the fun with our Spooky Monday Halloween party where there was trick or treating and pizza for Kronite children and a Halloween-decorating competition between each floor to bring the festive fever to the office.

Spooky Monday Halloween

We then gathered to celebrate the ribbon-cutting ceremony and our 40th anniversary celebration on Tuesday. Wednesday we invited our friends and families in for the Family Open House, and Thursday we gave back to local charitable organizations by volunteering our time for great local causes. It was a blast and a great way to spread the Kronos spirit!

The week came to a close with Customer-First Day on Friday – a day to celebrate YOU, our customers, and our commitment to keeping you at the center of everything we do. Kronites visited the Customer First Booth at our Lowell headquarters to share success stories and experiences from throughout the years. Here are a few from my conversations!

  • In July of 2001, there was a 60-car freight train derailment in a tunnel under Howard Street in Baltimore, Maryland. The derailment caused a horrible fire that shut down much of the area, disrupting the rail service and slowing down the internet. This was a huge problem for many people in the city, including one Kronos customer who could not process their payroll. They needed to get their information from point A (a timeclock outside the fire zone) to point B (a timeclock inside the fire zone), but the weak internet connection was prohibiting the data exchange from taking place. A Kronos employee stepped in amid this difficult time and suggested the customer take a laptop to where there was service, download the information from the timeclock, and then bring it to point B to process the payroll. This story shows that our customer-first approach isn’t new and has been alive for many years! This Kronite was able to help the customer problem solve and make the right decisions to keep them up and running efficiently.
  • “Business travel is personal.” It’s so true! One of our Strategic Sourcing Analysts at Kronos stopped by the Customer First Booth and this comment stuck out to me. She explained that it’s her responsibility to make sure everything is arranged accordingly with Kronites who travel so that they can then safely get to their customers and help them reach success. Everyone plays a role in shaping the customer experience, and this story is a great example of how we all work together as an organization to do right by our customers.
  • A member of the User Research team shared a story about one of our large retail customers who was struggling with the usability and efficiency of their Scheduling solution. The customer wanted a more intuitive experience with less clicks and a simpler interface so managers could spend less time working in Kronos. To help, Kronos needed to see how they were using the solution and the problems they were facing. So, a team of Kronites packed their bags and went on their way to visit various stores in New England. They demonstrated best practices for the customer to leverage, including schedule patterns and quick actions, and took back valuable feedback to consider for future upgrades and designs. Knowing our customers is critical, and we understand how important it is to listen, ask the right questions, and understand the situations you face.

The customer-first culture at Kronos is something I’m proud to be a part of, and it was inspiring to hear about the stories that have helped to build it! Check out the Kronos Facebook page for more photos of WorkInspired week!

WorkInspired Week

Published: Tuesday, November 7, 2017