Kronos Workforce Ready™: What’s New and What’s Next (WNWN) webinars typically provide an overview of the newest features in the latest release — but this WNWN webinar is a special edition. It’s focused on recapping impactful items from 2019 and giving you a glimpse of what’s coming throughout 2020. Did you miss the original air date? No problem. That’s what this blog is for. Catch my summary here as well as links to access the full webinar. 

Watch now: What’s New and What’s Next


2019: The Year in Review

Here are the six things you won’t want to overlook from last year. 

Workforce Ready: What Happened in 2019 and What's Next in 2020

  1. Released the new user experience — One of the most significant efforts of 2019 was the new user experience. The goal was not only to continue delivering a consumer-grade, intuitive tech experience but also to rebuild the infrastructure of the product so that it could scale and further innovate around the core human capital management (HCM) solutions. Today, 68% of Workforce Ready customers are already benefiting from the new user interface. You can learn more with resources on the new user experience Kronos Community page or join the Workforce Ready — New User Experience discussion group to pose questions or connect with customers and Kronos experts. Please log in to Kronos Community before accessing the links. 
  2. Paved the way for a more intelligent solution — As part of the system infrastructure overhaul, we were able to introduce AIMEE™. AIMEE stands for artificial intelligence for managers and employees and was designed to simplify the daily tasks of both groups. In a nutshell, AIMEE takes the legwork out of getting predictive insights so you can get to important decisions quicker and take proactive action ahead of workforce trends. AIMEE is working in the background of succession planning, scheduling, and forecasting, and tracking trends in employee behavior in Workforce Ready today — but this is just the beginning.
  3. Supported our HR and payroll superheroes — In an ongoing effort to help our HR and payroll superheroes, we released several tools to help them be more efficient and effective in their day-to-day interaction with Workforce Ready. These tools range from wizards to migration tools, effective dating, HR actions, and much more.
  4. Provided greater visibility into information — There were several enhancements designed to give you a broader view when running reports or gathering relevant information when performing actions. These include providing you with greater insight and saving you time by keeping all pertinent information in one place. 
  5. Automated routine tasks to mitigate compliance — There is so much to keep up with when it comes to compliance that it can easily become a full-time job. Automating compliance rules helps free up time spent on the product so there is more time for people. 
  6. Implemented enhancements for international — Lastly, there has been a ton of growth across your organizations, increasing the need to expand functionality to accommodate international locations. This resulted in enhancements like Multi-EIN and Australian payroll.

2020: A Sneak Peek

There are many new and exciting enhancements coming in 2020, but we are looking to focus the development of Workforce Ready in a few strategic areas: globalization, innovation, personalization, and usability. You’ll learn more about these key areas when tuning in to the webinar. 

Watch now: What’s New and What’s Next

Keeping up to Speed With What’s to Come 

On that note, here’s how you can keep up to speed as we move through 2020.

New My Learning Experience — We think you’ll really enjoy what’s new with My Learning. Not only has the look and feel been reimagined, but so has the user experience. The enhanced experience includes: 

  • Learning paths — Personalized learning paths for employees, managers, and administrators help you easily identify the right training for your role. Content types found in the learning paths are self-paced training, how-to videos, Learning Nugget videos on key features, and cheat sheets. 
  • Process indicator — A training process indicator will make it easier to see how much assigned training has been completed. An easy-to-use search bar will allow you to quickly pull up training material as needed. 

Check out the Workforce Ready Learning page in Kronos Community for more education resources. 

Release Spotlight Videos: Available on the Release Readiness page in the Community, these videos share the most impactful features in each release. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • The videos are available on demand from the Workforce Ready Release Readiness Community page about two weeks after each release takes place
  • Each one is approximately 10 minutes long
  • The videos are broken out by product (one for workforce management, one for HR, and one for payroll)
  • Breaking out release details in this video series allows us to focus WNWN webinars on sharing market trends, highlighting major product enhancements, and providing updates on the product roadmap

If you’d like to see a full replay of the webinar, you can access it here!


Published: Thursday, January 30, 2020