The Kronos Workforce Ready® mobile app saves employees precious time and even makes it possible to take work home — in a good way! Here’s an example describing how:

Emma, a nurse, just finished her third 12-hour shift of the week. Exhausted, she is looking forward to heading home. Her son’s spring break is next month, and she plans to take some time off. Luckily, her HR administrator, Josh, texted her a link to the Workforce Ready Mobile Resources page in Kronos Community so she can learn how to navigate the app. With the new Kronos Workforce Ready mobile app, Emma doesn’t have to worry about staying at the hospital longer to solidify her vacation schedule and request time off. Instead, she can easily access the information she needs to complete the requests from the comfort of her own home. 

Workforce Ready Mobile App

Must-Have Mobile Resources

Some of the resources Emma finds on the Workforce Ready mobile page are:

  • Quick-Hit Training Videos. These videos provide bite-sized training on punching in and out, app navigation, time-off requests, and much more. All Emma has to do is click on the link to learn about requesting time off. 
  • QR Codes. These codes make it easy for Emma to download the new Workforce Ready mobile app. She doesn’t have to go through the hassle of searching the app store and hoping she downloads the right one. A bonus? The Workforce Ready Mobile Resources page has QR codes for both iPhones and Androids!

Some of the important resources that HR administrators like Josh find on the Workforce Ready Mobile Resources page are: 

  • Knowledge Base Articles. The article on how to leverage charts within the new mobile app is a must-view resource. It helps administrators like Josh see how his employees are interacting with the mobile app. For example, these charts show Josh which of his employees are still using the classic mobile app that’s retiring on April 30, 2020. Having insight into this information allows Josh to proactively reach out to those employees to make sure they switch over. 
  • Engagement Toolkit. This toolkit is a must-have for all administrators. It helps provide instructions for employees on how the Workforce Ready mobile app works. Josh can utilize the printable poster and email templates to effectively communicate with and educate his employees about the new mobile app. 
  • Customer Success Story. Josh is grateful for the podcast with fellow Workforce Ready user ALE Solutions about how it switched to the new mobile app. The podcast includes some pretty cool tips like how ALE rolled out the app by security profile and connected with employees to see which features employees liked the most. 


Have a question about the Workforce Ready mobile app? Make sure to check out our Q&A section on the resource page. Browse through and see answers to questions other customers have already asked, or ask your own! 

Our Workforce Ready Mobile Resources page is specifically made for you, so don’t wait. Head on over to Kronos Community and check out the resource page today. 

**Please note that end-users like Emma can view the Workforce Ready Mobile Resources page without login credentials, but administrators like Josh must be logged in to Kronos Community to access groups and knowledge base articles.

Published: Tuesday, February 11, 2020