In 2016, Chris McKinney director of HR at Victory Marketing, LLC. spearheaded the initiative to implement Workforce Ready at Sprint Mart, Victory Marketing’s family-built convenience store chain in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. 

Since embarking on their Workforce Ready journey, Sprint Mart has implemented a no-fault attendance policy for employees, laid the foundation for a culture of trust and fairness, and played a role in reducing the organization's labor costs. 

Tune in to hear Chris share the details of the Sprint Mart story and gain insight from his perspective as a Workforce Ready customer. You’ll learn about:

  • Sprint Mart’s Workforce Ready implementation and key lessons learned 
  • Elements of the Kronos customer experience, including partnering with support and engaging in the Kronos Community
  • How scheduling led to significant labor savings for Sprint Mart
  • The impact of Workforce Ready on the Sprint Mart workforce

“Once we got all the employee data and the timekeeping data and the payroll data within Workforce Ready, that made things easier. We had access to the expertise of a payroll expert in global support who walked us through the process, and we were then able to make some really exciting changes.”  

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Published: Thursday, July 25, 2019