Spring has sprung. And while you’re shaking out rugs, washing windows, and doing some much needed sweeping, you might as well think about dusting off that list of Kronos education trainings you have tucked into a safe place too. The winter whirlwinds have come and gone, and your summer soirees are not yet in full swing. It’s the perfect time to refresh your knowledge or gain a few new skills.

Solution administrators. You’re in luck because today Joshua Allen-Aro, Workforce Dimensions Curriculum Education Program Manager, has recommended three trainings to help you become an expert in reporting for Workforce Dimensions.

3 Recommended Training Courses for Administrators

Here’s what Josh has recommended specifically for you:

Administrator Tasks and Outcomes: Information Access (135 minutes)

Complementary self-paced course in Kronos KnowledgeMap

Need help administering your Workforce Dimensions Home Page? This Kronos KnowledgeMap course helps you develop the skills to administer and maintain the Home Page for all users, employee and business structure dataviews, and reports. Pay special attention to the sections titled Creating and Publishing Reports and Creating Charts, Aggregating and Formatting Data in Reports, according to Josh. You’ll learn the basics of the report building process in Workforce Dimensions, understand the tools used, and receive recommended best practices.

Administration Essentials: Basic Report Building (240 minutes)

Subscription-based, instructor-led training in Kronos KnowledgeMap Live

If you need to generate and modify employee and business-structure reports, check out this course that walks you through how to create and update a basic report, design report data objects, update a report to add a new column, sort and format data, and create a table-based report. Unlike the training above, this course is available only to Kronos KnowledgeMap Live subscribers. Find a tour of KnowledgeMap Live here or download the brochure to learn more.

*Basic Report Building is a recommended pre-requisite to Advance Report Formatting Techniques*

Administration Essentials: Advanced Report Formatting Techniques (240 minutes)

Subscription-based, instructor-led training in Kronos KnowledgeMap Live

Another KnowledgeMap Live course, Advanced Report Formatting Techniques gives you hands-on practice updating reports with conditional formatting, calculated fields, groups and totals, and charts. For the best experience and to make the most of the training, Josh recommends that you complete the Basic Report Building course above before tackling this one.


Search for these courses and other self-paced and instructor-led training on your own within Kronos KnowledgeMap. Follow these steps to find what’s available for your role as an administrator:

  1. Visit the Workforce Dimensions Learn page in the Kronos Community
  2. Under the heading for Training Offerings, click on Kronos KnowledgeMap
  3. On the right-hand side of the page, expand the dropdown for Role
  4. Select System Administration/Application Administrator/IT from the list

And yes. For the record, I will be practicing what I preach. I have three trainings on my list, and I’ve set a goal to check them off between now and the summer solstice. We can do it! I’m confident.   


Published: Friday, March 22, 2019