Technology has made work a natural part of life, wherever it takes us. I came across these words written by a fellow Kronite on our internal collaboration platform. And I thought, you’re absolutely right.

Yes, most jobs require employees to be physically present and perform the majority of their work in brick-and-mortar office spaces, but mobile technology has broadened the idea of the traditional workplace so much so that we can typically take work with us wherever we please. Whether this is a positive advance or not is a discussion for another day. I’d like to simply focus on the facts of what it means to work your way (according to me and my fellow Kronite who sparked the idea for this post).

Work Your Way

So, what does mobile technology allow when it comes to workforce management? Perhaps the most talked about element is that mobile solutions provide flexibility. If you’re a manager, you don’t have to be sitting in front of your desktop or laptop computer to approve vacation, sign off on schedule changes, or even check your email. You’re able to perform those actions your way, from anywhere – at Suzie’s soccer game, while walking the dog, at the airport, or from the comfort of your own home. As an employee, you can punch in, request time off, and check your schedule for tomorrow all while walking to the break room to drop off your lunch.

For these same reasons, mobile solutions also bring efficiency, convenience, and personalization. The mobile-first design and fully responsive user interface of the Workforce Dimensions suite let you work your way by making it easy to create an experience based on how you like to receive information. And you can get that same engaging, personalized experience on any of your devices, thanks to the fully responsive design.

I think the concept is clear from a solution standpoint, but what does it mean to work your way in a general sense? People are using technology everywhere we turn. And because we can access tools on our mobile devices – it’s possible for work to take place everywhere too. I’d say the concept of work your way suggests that we are working our careers into the lives we are living rather than the other way around. I can speak only from personal experience but working for a company that embraces this model is one of the main reasons I feel so engaged. For me, working my way creates a level of enthusiasm and motivation to keep doing my best work.

Feeling Engaged

Published: Tuesday, January 30, 2018