Applying for jobs…we’ve all been there before. You apply for a position online, and then you wait. You don’t know where your application stands, and you start to stress. Has it been reviewed yet? Have they decided to move on with other candidates? What’s going on?


These won’t be unanswered questions for the candidates applying to your open positions if you enable the new applicant portal. The portal provides the information candidates need about their application status. So many new features exist within the new applicant experience that will enhance your organization’s recruiting methods and create a better experience for your potential new hires. Consider the following:

  • Brand awareness. The new portal enables you to extend your brand to candidates while they hunt for jobs. 
  • Unified experience. It’s available on any device which means your candidates will have a consistent experience whether they are sitting on the couch cruising your postings with their laptop or browsing on their mobile device standing in line for coffee. 
  • Easy-to-use navigation. They’ll know exactly where to go and what to do. 
  • Smart search. The smart search helps applicants look for jobs and job panels, providing views of each position listing. 
  • Progress tracking. A progress bar monitors the application status, giving your applicants a transparent view of where they stand with your organization.

A customer’s take

Sounds great, right? We think so, but more importantly, so does Workforce Ready customer, Deb Wolfsen, HR Manager of EPS Security. Watch this video to learn how the organization moved to the new applicant portal and transformed their applicant experience. 


During the session, Deb and Workforce Ready customer marketing manager, Holly Bouffard talk about the rollout of the new applicant experience and the simplicity it has created for EPS applicants. Deb also describes the relief she feels knowing that applicants can access the career page from any device. In fact,   this is one of her favorite aspects of the new experience. With 90 percent of millennials using mobile to search for their dream jobs and 89 percent viewing mobile as a crucial aspect to the job search, it’s no wonder why Deb loves it!

Deb also highlights how much she loves that applicants have easy access to their applicant profile, application status, and current job postings and praises the simple onboarding experience. The onboarding feature is easy to use and will convert an applicant’s status once they are hired. Once this happens the onboarding portal automatically creates checklists for the new hire managers, letting them know what their new hires need. 

To hear more about EPS Security’s applicant transformation, click here to listen to the rest of Deb’s story! 

Transition brings new value

We know that change is difficult but trust us when we say that the grass is greener on the other side in this case! Think about it in terms of a new car. Have you ever had the chance to upgrade to the latest model? Yes, your old car might be perfectly fine, but the new one gives you exciting features that make your driving experience that much better and more enjoyable. 

Well, the same is true for the new applicant portal. It provides valuable features that the old one doesn’t have and makes the overall experience better. Except you’re not the only one gleaning the benefits – your applicants are as well. 

Why Workforce Ready Customer EPS Loves the New Applicant Portal

Published: Tuesday, July 23, 2019