Adopting the new Workforce Ready user interface is a key part of taking your product experience to the next level. If you caught my last post, you already know why the new UI is a must-have for payroll pros.

Now, I want to share with time keeping stewards how time will be on their side when adopting the new UI. Kronos product managers and engineers created it specifically with the employee experience in mind. This means admins spend less time fielding emails, calls, and in-person questions about using Workforce Ready – because it’s intuitive. Plus, it looks cool, so employees will want to use it.


To help me explain why time keeping admins should care about the new Workforce Ready experience, I got together with Tom McNamara, our lead product manager for the new experience, and Malini Rao, senior manager of user experience. Here’s what the experts say are the top three reasons to adopt!


Time Tracking Simplified

We created a clock widget to live on the homepage of your employee’s dashboard. What’s so cool about that? Employees can clock in and out with one click.

WFR clock widget












They can also access their timesheets from the widget. To get started on enabling this for your employees, check out our knowledge base article and learn how to set it up.

Selecting the “View Timesheet” option from the widget brings your employees to their timesheets, which now include access to time-off, leave, and overtime information.

WFR timesheet


With timesheet, time off, overtime, and leave information all in one spot, employees have easy access to the information they need to make informed choices. For example, an employee who wants to take time off can easily access and view how much time they have available before putting in the request.

WFR personal, sick, vacation


To learn more about timesheets in the new UI and which timesheets are supported, check out this knowledge base article. Please keep in mind that, with the new UI, you will need to enable timesheet workflows. We have you covered with this post.


Navigation that fits your needs

To make life easier for you, we reorganized the Workforce Ready main menu to reflect how you work. But, what informed our decisions for this restructuring? We conducted user testing, surveys, and feedback sessions with various time stewards just like you. We concluded from this research that you wanted information grouped in four key areas: Favorites, My Info, Team, and Admin.

Access key features that you look for all the time in FAVORITES. This can include time information, like change requests or Timesheet approvals.

Under MY INFO, you can get to personal information quickly, such as your own time-off requests.

In our TEAM section, you have access to all the critical things you need to do for your employees; like accessing pending approvals.

Lastly, we wanted to break out your admin duties, so you have easy access to key areas like timesheet auto population policies within the ADMIN menu.


WFR menu    


Time Charts, Graphs, and Dashboards!

We’ve made it easier to get the information you need, when you need it. With just a few clicks, you can turn your existing reports into interactive charts that let you see and act on important information quickly. No need to spend hours sorting through each line of Excel-like data to get answers. To learn how to create your own charts and graphs, check out this knowledge base article.

Once your charts are done you can bring them all together into a time keeping dashboard! To learn how you can create an eye-catching and information packed dashboard like the one below, click here.


WFR dashboards

Ready to jump in and turn on the new UI? Here are a few great resources to help you prepare for the new experience!

Release Readiness | Our release readiness page is chock full of information to help you roll out the new experience. Key page features include the latest What’s New, What’s Next webinar – a 30-minute best practice webinar that will walk you through best practices on rolling out the new experience to your employees.

New User Experience: Guidance for success | Review this knowledge base article to learn how to enable the new user experience for desktop as well as mobile, learn how to transition over to Timesheet workflows and convert to the new Timesheet formats. You'll also be able to access step-by-step instructions on how to configure our new charts and graphs.

Workforce Ready New User Experience Group | Join now to connect with the product experts and fellow users to network, ask questions and discuss all things related to the new user experience.

Published: Thursday, January 31, 2019