There’s exciting news about the Kronos Community this month! Several new enhancements are now live including entirely new Product Resources and Learn pages as well as updates to the home page. The goal behind these improvements is to continue bringing critical information closer to Community members.

If you can commit any of the new enhancements to memory, try to remember these four:

  1. Navigate to knowledge base articles, answers, discussions, and custom links to information like Release Readiness, Training and Services for the specific product platforms using the new Product Resources drop-down in the menu bar.
  2. Receive and trigger email communications when posting to Ideas. Kronos Product Managers will receive email notifications when you’ve shared an idea, and you will be notified in return when responses and status changes are made to your idea.
  3. The Learn menu item is now a drop-down where you can click to select training pages for each major product platform.
  4. Access HR and Payroll Answerforce directly from the homepage.

Community homepage

IMPORTANT TIP: The new Product Resources pages for major product platforms look like Product Topic pages, but there are key differences.


  • Related knowledge base articles, Answers, and Discussions.
  • Button functionality including “Ask a Question,” “Find Answers for Your Product,” and “Follow.”


  • Product Resource pages include custom content like product release notes, getting started information, and links to product training and services.
  • Product Topic pages list any subtopics associated with the product topic. In this example, the Workforce Ready product topic includes the subtopics timekeeping, HR, payroll, and TC-1.

Product resources versus Product Topics

See more information about what’s new in Community in the Community Announcements group. There you will find three resources to help bring you up to speed: the Kronos Community FAQ User Tips document, Product Resource Page vs. Product Topic Page guide, and the Recent Changes in the Community post shared on March 6 in the activity feed.

Published: Thursday, March 15, 2018