Workforce Ready Enhancements

The content of today’s blog post is courtesy of Brad Nycz, Customer Success Manager and former Kronos customer! Workforce Ready Customer Marketing Manager Holly Bouffard and I spoke with Brad about what’s new in the latest Workforce Ready release. Removing his Kronos cap for a moment and looking through his customer lens, Brad identified what he feels are ten of the most valuable, time-saving new functionalities.

We’ve got some great tips for you! But there’s a lot here, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle in. The list of enhancements is organized into HR, Payroll, and manager and employee categories. Enjoy!

HR administrators can work more efficiently

  • When employees transfer roles internally, easily move their data from one EIN to another using HR Actions. Address, birthday, social security number, deductions, benefits, etc. It’s all transferred. No more data re-entry! You can simply move the existing data from its old home to its new one. Refer to your HR User Guide to learn more about HR Actions. Go to Our Company>Service Provider Documents>Download Documents.
  • HR Actions and HR Checklists are coming to the mobile app. Benefits enrollment and direct deposit are the HR Actions we’re most excited to announce. Perform from anywhere, anytime. Need we say more? Refer to page 31 of the April HR release notes for the full list of actions available on mobile. You can also give your employees access to HR Checklists – like Custom Form, Benefit Enrollment Screenlink, and Direct Deposit Screenlink – through the mobile app. For the complete list, reference page 31 of the April summary release notes.
  • Use the Position Hierarchy Chart to pull true, big-picture reports on your workforce. This one is for customers who have Position Management enabled. Produce comprehensive org charts including both active employees and current open positions. Having an all-encompassing view makes it easier to hold strategic, executive-level conversations about topics like succession planning, budgeting, and staffing. Access the Position Hierarchy Chart under Our Company>Position>Hierarchy Chart.
  • Upload data to U.S. state new hire websites using New Hire Reporting Data Exports. Rather than manually re-entering employee information already in Workforce Ready, simply download New Hire Reporting Data Exports from your solution and upload in one quick and easy sweep to state websites. Go to Company Settings>System Data Exports>Data Exports to access the list of available exports.
  • Get creative as an HR administrator with Benefit Related Custom Fields for discount/increase premiums. Say your organization wants to offer a healthy hydration incentive for employees consuming a gallon of water a day. Go ahead and configure it using Custom Fields defined for Benefits Plans and adjust and track premiums accordingly. When the Is List is enabled within the benefit Custom Field, an option for Affects Premium is enabled in the Custom Field Settings within the Benefit Plan under Company Settings>Profiles/Policies>Benefits>Plans.

Payroll managers can keep up with compliance

  • Audit employee data for accuracy with the Master Data Changes Report. This enhancement came from a customer like you! An IDEA was submitted in the Kronos Community and the Master Data Changes Report was born. It’s a summary-level resource highlighting additions, deletions, and updates to key employee information between payroll cycles. Find it within My Reports and from the Payroll Prep Process View Payroll step within specific payrolls.
  • The new Tax Credit Co. (TCC) Auto Delivery option allows for automatic data transfer. Determining if employees are eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) just got easier. We’ve automated the process, so you can avoid double data entry when evaluating employees for the tax credit. Add the widget that makes this possible using the Edit Tabs under Company>Global Setup>Company Setup.

Note: Tax Credit Co. is one of our many outstanding partners available to customers in the Workforce Ready Marketplace. To learn more about Tax Credit Co. and how to add it to your company, check out our Tax Credit Co. datasheet.

Managers and end employees have access to tools creating a simplified Workforce Ready experience

  • Enhance Auto-Assign capabilities by locking down previously edited shifts with Advanced Scheduler. This is great news because manual edits were not locked down before; and running the Scheduler engine to Auto-Assign open shifts would wipe out your work. Now you can freeze manual edits and run Auto-Assign safely. Read about this on page 5 of the Scheduler release notes for April.
  • Time-Off Request Email Notifications and Time-Off Request Workflows work hand in hand. Time-Off Request Notifications will operate normally; they’ll just also work in conjunction with a Time-Off Request Workflow. So, no need to keep using custom workflow steps to set up email notifications for time-off requests. Simply use Time-Off Request Notifications to approve, change, reject, request, or cancel time off. Find more information on page 23 of the TLM release notes for April.

How can you get your hands on release notes and user guides? Exciting news! You have 24/7 access to these documents within your Workforce Ready solution. Go to Our Company>Download Documents>Service Provider Documents. And be sure to join the Workforce Ready Announcements Group in the Kronos Community to stay up to date on published release notes and future release dates.

To share your own idea for a new Workforce Ready feature or enhancement and to vote on fellow users’ ideas, log in to the Kronos Community and visit the IDEAS section.

Lastly, don’t forget to register for the live What’s New, What’s Next webinar at 3:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 23. Topics include the New Applicant Portal, new mobile application features, succession planning additions, compliance updates, and more. Tune in!

Published: Thursday, May 10, 2018