It’s a New Day (and a New Year!) for mobile security. As we kick off 2019, there’s one important detail related to the Workforce Mobile and Workforce Tablet employee experience that users should know about.  

Mobile technology providers Apple and Android have put new security standards in place for all apps on mobile devices. All apps must now connect securely to the internet using https.

As a result, Workforce Mobile for Android and iOS and Workforce Tablet for iOS were published in secure mode last month to meet these new industry standards.

What Mobile Users Need To Know About Mobile Security In 2019

So, what does this mean for Workforce Mobile users?

Most importantly, it means that you might have difficulty connecting to the Workforce Mobile or Workforce Tablet apps if the server address is not updated to include https.

How do you get the correct server address?

The server address is the connection between Workforce Central and the Kronos mobile app you use on your phone. You should contact your IT department to get the support needed for restoring connection to the Workforce Mobile app. Your IT department is the best resource to go to for questions about this. They will be able to provide you with your organization’s specific process and the necessary steps to resolve connectivity issues related to the new mobile security standards.

How can you learn more?

You can learn more in this article posted in the Kronos Community – Workforce Mobile and Workforce Tablet v6.3 (Releasing in December 2018) Will Only Connect to Secure Servers. Also, visit the Workforce Mobile for Workforce Central group in the Kronos Community to check for discussions related to this topic.


Published: Thursday, January 3, 2019