The team that took Game 1 of the series went on to win in eight of the last ten Stanley Cup Finals

...according to Alex Kay in his Forbes article 2017 Stanley Cup Finals: Game 2 Odds, Predictions, TV Info And More For Penguins Vs. Predators.

And the trend appears to continue after the Penguins Game 2 victory last night.

All the talk about odds and predictions for the Stanley Cup brought my mind back to Workforce Analytics – thinking in Kronos analogies quite a bit these days. It occurred to me that analytics is everywhere. Whether it’s making predictions on the outcome of this Saturday’s game or determining the number of associates you need to be staffed on the floor during the holiday shopping season, the underlying concept is pretty much the same. It’s all about trends and using what you already know to predict what's likely to happen.

What do the stats say?

A couple of months ago, The Workforce Institute featured a blog post by board member David Creelman who wrote that organizations should work on creating analytics-focused cultures that put value on numbers-based analysis. Sure, the tools are important, but the real challenge is establishing analytics as a key part of your strategy to achieve greater growth and success.

Unsure what play you want to make? Kronos can coach you to make the right decisions based on your own team stats this season.

Published: Thursday, June 1, 2017