I am a Workforce Dimensions customer.

I’ve heard about Workforce Dimensions and am thinking about migrating.


Join the Workforce Dimensions Community Group

If you fit one of the descriptions above, then the Workforce Dimensions group in the Kronos Community is a destination you’ll want to visit.

What’s the attraction? You’ve probably heard the fuss. And it’s true! Joining the Workforce Dimensions group is a great way to gather information about the solution on your own time and at your own pace. Ask questions and get answers from Kronos experts and learn from the experiences of other customers who were once in the position you are now. It’s like gaining instant friends when joining a sports team or new club; only the common interest you’re bonding over here is workforce management technology. It’s helpful to lean on your circle during deployments or at times when you’re just looking for input or advice about something.

But if you’d rather hang back for a bit, you can simply be a quiet observer until you’re ready to take part. While you’re taking it all in, check out the collection of resources linked in the Group Details side panel. There you’ll find some great content to help you get up to speed on Workforce Dimensions.  

More people are visiting the group every day, and membership is continuously increasing. We have:

  • more than 120 likes on posts, content, and discussions
  • over 216 comments from customers
  • 118 posts to the group, including Kronos experts and Kronos customers

Many of Your Peers Are Already There!

Take a look at the graph below. Here, you can see the steady monthly increase since January of last year. In May, we welcomed 15 new members, putting us at a total of 569 and counting!

 WFD Community Group Growth
Don’t be shy! We hope you’ll join in on the fun. We’re a warm, welcoming, and inquisitive bunch. For example, here are some of the questions and topics that have sparked ongoing discussions.

  • Sarah Barnes, Kronos Support Administrator from Menzies Distribution Ltd., was curious to know how you find reports by paycode so she could view employee transactions and totals by paycode. This became a conversation with multiple posts and over 93 views.

  • Meanwhile, Marky Payne, a Sr. Consultant of HR Systems in the banking industry, asked group members for their input on how to give manager access to employees based on who reports to them directly. This must be on everyone’s mind because the post received over 230 views and 13 responses from both customers and Kronos product experts!

  • Another member, a Business Analyst in the non profit sector, was interested in knowing how to check that employees entered time off paycodes on weekends without having to check every individual timecard generated. This question received 35 views and 2 customers jumped in with responses to help.

More conversations are being created every day among your peers who are chiming in to share their experiences and the resources that help them the most.

The best thing about becoming a member of the Workforce Dimensions group is that you have a community to collaborate with. We have so many amazing people who are always willing to help, and we hope to add you to our all-star list. So, head to the Workforce Dimensions group in the Kronos Community today and click the Join Group button at the top of the page. Don’t miss out any longer! Let’s grow together.

Published: Friday, May 31, 2019