Brad Nycz, Kronos Workforce Ready® suite customer success manager and former Kronos customer, is at it again! Check out the snippets below detailing four Workforce Ready enhancements he’s selected to highlight!

WFR Enhancements

1. Timesheet Change Request Workflow 

Sarah is the payroll manager at a local pharmacy. It’s past five on Tuesday afternoon, and the last thing she needs to do is get ready to run payroll first thing Wednesday morning. As she’s getting everything ready to process payroll, she comes across an error on her co-worker Mark’s timesheet. He took a day off last Thursday, but his manager forgot to approve it, so it’s in pending status. She needs the timesheet to be fixed in order to accurately run payroll in the morning, but since it’s so late, Mark’s manager already has gone home for the night. Now, with this new feature, Sarah can edit the timesheet in real time tomorrow morning. She needn’t stay later than she has to tonight to do it herself or chase down Mark’s manager the next morning. She leaves work stress free, knowing she’ll be able to approve his timesheet while doing payroll the following morning.  

Who will find it useful: Payroll Managers 
Where to learn more: Payroll Release Notes from February 

2. Schedule Calendar Sync: Classic User Interface (UI) and new UI

Thomas works as a nurse, and now more than ever, it is essential for him to know his schedule. In January, the hospital Thomas works for made the switch to the new UI. He loves the new functionality it’s given him; he just wishes there were a way to sync his schedule and his calendar. With this new update, Thomas now has that ability. He has to sync the two only once, and he’s all set. His current schedule and his future schedule will sync automatically to his calendar. He can check his schedule from his phone on the go or on Outlook when he gets home. With his schedule and calendar synced, he loves the fact that he only needs to glance at his phone to see what shifts he’s scheduled for in the upcoming weeks.  

Who will find it useful: Employees and Managers 
Where to find it: Scheduler Release Notes from February

3. New UI: Full-screen option added to schedule views (mobile)

Maria is a college sophomore. She works at the local grocery store to earn a bit of extra money. Her only class on Monday got canceled, so she decided to take a trip home for a long weekend. Monday rolls around, and Maria wants to stay another day; however, she is supposed to work on Tuesday. She’s on the mobile app trying to view the schedule to see who could take her shift when she sees our latest update to the new mobile app: the full-screen option. With this update, she now can view the schedule full screen by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the app. She can see more employees on the schedule now, making it both faster and easier to see who potentially can take her shift. 

Who will find it useful: Employees and Managers 
Where to find it: Scheduler Release Notes from February

4. E-signature audit report (classic UI, new UI, and mobile)

Brendan is a human resources (HR) administrator, and he recently has been tasked with making sure every employee takes the “Preventing Harassment in the Workplace” training. Brendan has each employee provide an e-signature once each completes the training, which with this latest enhancement will be placed in a new e-signature audit report. As we move into a new normal and a time of remote work, e-signatures can help HR administrators like Brendan maintain compliance. With this new information stored in the audit report, he can see who completed the training and when they completed it. He also has the e-signatures in one place, making them easily accessible for future reference if needed.  

Who will find it useful: HR Administrators 
Where to find it: Cross-Product Release Notes from February


Supporting Resources 

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Published: Monday, June 1, 2020