Did you know that 68 percent of workers claim training and development is the most important company policy? People are curious and eager to learn – especially when it comes to the tools that help make their jobs easier.

Top 5 Workforce Instructor led classes

Workforce Ready training offers a variety of courses to help administrators, managers, and employees get up to speed quickly and best leverage the features and functionality of their solution. Between My Learning – your one-stop-shop with over 300 learning assets and targeted learning paths – and Virtual Instructor-Led Training – live sessions with a Workforce Ready trainer – you have access to the resources you need to get the most out of your investment.

So, what’s hot? Check out our top five most popular instructor-led training offerings and My Learning assets.

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  1. TLM System Administrator (1 day) – Provides foundational knowledge of how to use and maintain common time and labor functionality.
  2. Payroll Administrator (3 days) – Provides introductory knowledge on how to use and maintain commonly used payroll functionality.
  3. General Topics in Human Resources (1/2 day) – Overview of features in the HR module, including pay grades, jobs and job changes, terminations, training and certification, and assets.
  4. Benefits Administration (1/2 day) – Covers the components that make up the benefits feature in Core Human Resources.
  5. Onboarding (1/2 day) – Covers the configuration and management of onboarding features.

My Learning Assets

  1. Requesting Time Off
    My Account > My Learning > Employee > 2. General Tasks
  2. Using Time and Labor
    My Account > My Learning > Employee > 4. Using Time and Labor
  3. Navigating Workforce Ready
    My Account > My Learning > Employee > 1. Navigation Overview
  4. Accessing the Mobile Application
    My Account > My Learning > Employee > 2. General Tasks
  5. Modifying the Dashboard
    My Account > My Learning > Employee > 1. Navigation Overview

Join the Workforce Ready Training Team on May 17 at 1:00 p.m. EDT for a webinar on the courses and learning tools that are being developed. You can also check out the Workforce Ready Customer Training Catalog for details on instructor-led training, Q&A sessions, and My Learning content.

For more information on any Workforce Ready training content, contact the training team.

Published: Thursday, May 3, 2018