All businesses and organizations have one common goal – they want their customers to be successful when using the products and services they provide. Kronos is no exception. Today’s words of wisdom come from Gil Lhotka, Director of Customer Success at Kronos. Gil shares how we can all work towards meeting this goal by following five simple steps.

Top 5 Commandments of Customer Success

1) Know your customers’ definition of "value." It’s critical to know them and their business. Customers are expecting to receive high ROI on your solution, so err on the side of helping them to successfully reach and measure that value. Doing so leads to stronger relationships, loyalty, and advocacy. When matters beyond control redefine value for your customers, alter the course to that new destination.

2) Be empathetic. Each customer is unique, and you must see them that way. Organizations faced with the same challenges will experience the effects in very different ways, and acknowledging this is critical. Putting yourself in the other person's shoes is an excellent way to understand them better: and from this vantage point, you can create plans that successfully achieve their defined value goals.

3) Listen to your customers to provide valuable insight. Listen actively and offer your undivided attention. But remember that being a good listener involves recognizing that there’s usually more to the story. Think deeply about what your customers say to pinpoint the often unspoken reasoning or root cause behind their requests. Take the time to listen, ask questions, assess the goals and objectives from all angles, and propose an actionable solution.

4) Put your customers first. It’s all about the customer. Always make customers' needs your top priority and focus on how you can help them accomplish their goals. Be protective but never territorial. Point your customers in the direction of people who can help them. Doing so will strengthen your relationship and create greater trust and confidence in your brand, your products, and your services.

5) Connect your customers with others. The more they can seek and share experiences, the more likely they are to accomplish their goals. Active communities on almost every conceivable topic thrive online and in local areas. Whenever possible and with their permission, introduce customers to each other through social media platforms, on the phone, and in person at customer events.

Regardless of your industry, these five simple best practices are valuable guard rails along the shared path of customer success. Keeping them in mind helps to ensure you are continuously setting your customers up for success every time you interact. Focus on aligning your approach with these steps to deliver the value your customers expect.

Published: Tuesday, June 27, 2017