It's 2:30 on Friday afternoon, and I somehow stumbled across the fact that today, September 20th, is National Punch Day. So, of course, I need to blog about it because punch is a versatile word. It can be a fruity drink or a rather unfortunate blow from an angry peer, but most relevant is that it's also a synonym used for clocking in and out of work. This is how I'll acknowledge the holiday. Happy Punch Day to all of our Kronos clock users! 

While the day is almost over, these punch-related resources will be relevant no matter if you see this post today, on Monday, or another day next week. 


Punching in and out via Workforce Mobile

Punching in and out via Workforce Ready Mobile

Punching on mobile for Workforce Dimensions

Follow these instructions to learn how to punch out via mobile application, even when offline:

  • Log in to the Kronos Community
  • Click the Learn tab and select Workforce Dimensions to go to the Workforce Dimensions Learn page
  • Click the orange button to ENTER KNOWLEDGEMAP SITE
  • Browse for the Go Futher: Timekeeping Mobile Application (Employee) training

WFD mobile


More mobile-related content for Workforce Central, Workforce Ready, and Workforce Dimensions employees, managers, and mobile administrators is available on the Kronos Community Mobile Resources pages

Published: Friday, September 20, 2019