Did you know that the latest Workforce Central® suite service release (8.1.6) is available? It’s worth the reminder because we suspect that traditional end-of-year celebrations such as Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve could have overshadowed it. 

Well, let the celebration continue because 8.1.6 is a milestone release. It officially marks the completion of our Flash-free efforts — Workforce Central 8.1.6 is entirely free of all Adobe Flash plug-ins. Cue the fireworks!  

Three Workforce Central 8.1 Features to Improve Employee Experience and Empower Managers

In recognition and appreciation of this milestone, let’s revisit some of the features in the 8.1 release that improve the employee experience and empower your managers. As you know, our product managers continually strive to create solutions that make the lives of our customers easier … at least when it comes to managing your people.

  1. Improved business workflows: Managers can approve overtime for all their employees in an entire pay period at once — allowing managers to openly approve full or partial overtime both before and after a shift. This development permits your organization’s managers to spend less time in Workforce Central on workforce management tasks and more time focusing on the job they were hired to accomplish.  
  2. Kronos Mobile™ as a badge: Employees have the option to use their mobile device as a badge. To do so, they will leverage Workforce Mobile and the latest Kronos InTouch® to punch in and out. This feature eliminates the complexity of badge management and will drastically lower your organization’s spending. You can kiss good-bye the days of forgotten badges or providing temporary badges.  
  3. Employment terms contract definition: Plan your labor to align with fluctuating business. Many organizations experience chronic overstaffing or understaffing, which affects labor costs. Employment terms contract definition is an automated, demand-based scheduling feature that accounts for day-to-day fluctuation in demand while allowing planners to align their labor with fluctuating seasonal demand over long periods of time — up to an entire year! This feature allows greater work flexibility and provides guaranteed contractual pay for your employees. It also drives efficiency by decreasing the need for paying overtime and by reducing wage leakage from your organization.  

Recommended Resources — Get the Most out of Workforce Central 8.1   

Maybe you’re already on the latest release or still considering your upgrade options. Whichever the case, we know that navigating something new is not always the easiest thing for you and your team. So, here are a few key resources worth exploring for a successful foray into all that 8.1 has to offer:     

Kronos Community

If it’s been a while since your last visit to Kronos Community, start with Product Resources —  where you’ll find direct links to numerous resources including documentation, service packs, and training. Even better, the Kronos Community is your destination for connecting with Workforce Central peers and experts in the Workforce Central Discussion Group.

Not a member of the Kronos Community yet? Register with your Solution ID or contact [email protected] if you need help finding your Solution ID. You’ll need to be logged in to Community to see all the resources and content available to you. 

Upgrade Central

The Upgrade Central name says it all. You’ll find Flash-free resources, helpful links and resources about your Workforce Central solution, and additional information to guide you on your way to a successful upgrade.

Kronos KnowledgePass™

Kronos KnowledgePass is here to save the day! An upgrade is the perfect time to ensure that your subscription is current. Here’s a reminder of all the benefits included in KnowledgePass. Or, simply check out the Learning Path options that are tailored to your upgrade experience.  

Engagement Toolkit

Let’s not forget about your end-users. Download the Engagement Toolkit, where you’ll find posters, graphics, and email templates that provide you with the tools to promote new features (or any feature!) and get your organization excited about adopting and using them. 


We know that upgrading and rolling out new features in a service release can be an exciting and daunting time for everyone, especially when you have been waiting for some specific updates or enhancements. We hope you enjoy everything 8.1 has to offer and encourage you to join us in the Workforce Central Discussion Group in Kronos Community! 

Visit the Workforce Central Discussion Group

Published: Tuesday, January 28, 2020