The Kronos Workforce Ready® team wants to make sure you utilize all the new user interface (UI) has to offer. One new feature that stands out is charts and graphs

Three Resources for Configuring Amazing Charts and Graphs in the New Workforce Ready Experience


Configuring charts and graphs — resources to make it simple

Heard about this feature but still feeling a little unsure when it comes to configuring charts? Or maybe you’re confused about adding new charts to existing dashboards. Kronos has you covered! We have resources that make configuring charts and graphs simple. Check them out below. 

Quick-hit video: Charts & Graphs in Workforce Ready 

This short video walks viewers through the basics of the charts and graphs feature. We make sure you know exactly what needs to be turned on in your settings to properly enable charts and graphs. From explaining the difference between My Dashboard and the Module dashboard to debunking myths that charts are automatically created in dashboards themselves, this video is a must-see.  

Knowledge base article: How to Configure Charts and Graphs in the New Desktop UI 

This knowledge base article provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure charts and graphs using the new desktop UI. It explains how to gain access to charts that can be added to the report view and demonstrates how to create new charts and add them to dashboards. The article includes screenshots of each step so users can’t get lost when following along.  

Knowledge base article: How to Create a Chart in Workforce Ready in Order to Understand What Devices Employees Use to Log In 

This knowledge base article is different from the two resources mentioned previously. It isn’t an overview of how to configure charts and graphs or how to add them to existing dashboards. This article shows you how the charts and graphs feature will give you better data and insight into your employees and your organization. It focuses on creating charts that will show you which devices employees use to log in. The number of different charts that users can create is endless. 


Stuck on where to start and which charts to create? These are the top ten charts created!

  • All System Accounts
  • Calculated Time TA Counter Summary
  • Timesheet View All
  • HR Job Requirements 
  • Timesheets All Current
  • Account Benefits Plan
  • Turnover Statistics
  • Company Accrual Balances 
  • Employee Roster
  • HR Credentials 

Still have questions? Head on over to Kronos Community to ask a question and check out more resources. 

Published: Thursday, March 12, 2020