Today’s guest post is courtesy of Mobilelicious – aka Kronos product manager Gregory Anderson. Mobilelicious has worked with enterprise software and network security hardware for more than 18 years. At Kronos, he is responsible for imbuing the Workforce Central suite with “mobileness.” 


Mobility is freeing. It gives people the ability to perform life’s actions whenever they want. In fact, we could even say that carrying around a mobile device is like having our own, pocket-sized remote controls to life. Order food, check the weather, get directions, request a ride, listen to music, pay your friends – it’s all possible anytime, anywhere with the right apps. 

The same is true when it comes to work-related actions like requesting time off or approving timecards. Having Workforce Mobile allows employees the power to self-serve and compete specific work actions when and where they want. This typically makes people pretty happy. 

Three Facts To Be Thankful For When Deploying Workforce Mobile

As the product manager for Workforce Mobile, I know the secrets to a successful mobile deployment. IT folks, HR managers, and mobile admins rolling out the solution – two scoops of cranberry sauce and the whipped cream on my pumpkin pie says you’ll be grateful to add this knowledge to your repertoire.  

The Facts

FACT #1: The server URL connects the Workforce Mobile application to your company’s Workforce Central server. 

I get tons of questions a month across emails, Kronos Community posts, and app reviews from folks, and many of them are connected to confusion around the server URL. Why do I need this? What is my URL? Who is IT? While I can’t help with the last question about IT, I can shed light on how to lessen complexity around server URLs (see fact #2). 

FACT #2: App URL Scheme allows users to access and launch Workforce Mobile from other applications like emails and web browsers. 

Leveraging the App URL Scheme simplifies the deployment process for both the project team and the end-user because:

  1. the IT team packages and sends the URL and the necessary server address together in one communication  

  2. the user doesn’t have to locate the server address and enter it into the app

All the user is required to do is click the link to download the specific version of the app and then copy and paste the preconfigured server address into the Server field to proceed. Find more on page 36 of the Kronos Workforce Mobile & Workforce Tablet Implementation Essentials guide.

FACT #3: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) helps regulate your mobile technology and secure your company data. 

Monitoring the many mobile applications employees use on company devices for work-related purposes has become increasingly important in the wireless world we live in today. EMM applications help you manage and secure the apps and the content that reside on the mobile devices your employees use. Leveraging EMM means that you could push application specific configurations or updates directly to all employees’ mobile devices. Learn more on page 21 of the Kronos Workforce Mobile & Workforce Tablet Implementation Essentials guide.

Find Mobile Resources in The Kronos Community and on YouTube

All things considered, mobility makes life easier – and that’s why I love traveling the world and asking organizations “How can Kronos help?” We may not be fighting crime or curing diseases, but it’s a good day when I hear that Workforce Mobile has made someone’s life more convenient. Approve timecards during halftime at your daughter’s soccer game so you don’t miss it. Accept an open shift request while on the way to your night class. Mobile frees end-users from the chains of desktop limitations and gives them the power to have more control over when and how they work. 

Three Facts To Be Thankful For When Deploying Workforce Mobile

Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2018