Did you hear the buzz about TestFest at KronosWorks? The fun in Vegas continued for a group of Kronos Workforce Central customers and Kronos product experts who stayed two extra days for the customer testing event. Organized by the Kronos Workforce Central engineering and product management teams, TestFest is exactly what it sounds like – an interactive, hands-on experience for customers to explore a future software release using their own use cases and company data.

TestFest – Putting Customers First, One Test At A Time

TestFest participants received an exclusive preview of the Workforce Central 8.1.3 release coming next month – and they loved it. Even after three days of KronosWorks, customers were ready and raring to go. Some were even playing around in the product before introductions and opening remarks were finished. They couldn’t wait to get started.

A total of 14 companies were represented and over 50 people were in attendance – including both customers and Kronites. Each customer testing station was equipped with laptops, monitors, TestFest-branded mouse pads (because why not?) and a Kronos product expert to observe the software experience, help customers work through any issues, and note fixes to take back to the engineering team.


The Value of TestFest

I had the chance to speak with several customers who graciously broke away from testing for a few short moments. I was curious to know why they wanted to attend TestFest and what it meant to them to be there. Each customer had his or her own motivations. Some were completely new to testing events while others had worked with Kronos to test before. Both jumped at the opportunity to get involved when they heard about TestFest.

Customers who were first-time testers at an event like TestFest were particularly enthusiastic. They found value in the exposure to new functionality and were appreciative of the one-on-one time with Kronos experts. Two testers from North Kansas City Schools expressed that they’ve “never been invited to something like this before.” As a smaller-sized organization amid a sea of thousands of customers, they were grateful to have their voices heard.

A handful of the experienced testers said they love “breaking things;” which works out because breaking things is encouraged at TestFest. Customers do the breaking, so Kronos can do the fixing. It’s a win-win – and it’s fun because everyone is engaged.

The first customer to comment on this was Kathy Taylor, solution analyst for scheduling and attendance at Intermountain Healthcare. “Well, I like to break things,” she told me when asked why she wanted to attend. Newton McNeill, application administrator for Workforce Central – or better known as “Kronos King” by his colleagues at Intermountain – followed with, “We’ve been in the business of breaking Workforce Scheduler for quite some time.”

But all jokes aside, Kathy and Newton expressed that they truly appreciate the opportunity to help make the product as great as it can be. Intermountain Healthcare has been a customer for 20 years, ever since Kronos began serving the Healthcare industry, and they greatly value the partnership that’s grown over the years. Coming to TestFest is another element of that partnership.

Still, others voiced excitement about the opportunity to work alongside users like them and to take full advantage of all Kronos offered this year in Las Vegas. Leona Brouff, workforce management specialist at Goodstart Early Learning, traveled from Australia to attend KronosWorks, so extending her visit for TestFest was a no-brainer. “It was amazing, I loved the whole TestFest experience and would do it again in a heartbeat!” Leona told us when asked for her thoughts about the event.


All in all, attendees were happy that Kronos sought out their feedback; and on the flip side, they were delighted to share it. Comments are rolling in this week about the event. Here’s what a couple other customers had to say about their TestFest experience:

  • I enjoyed having the opportunity to attend the session. We were a "small fish in a big pond" but we were never made to feel that way. Questions and concerns were handled efficiently and quickly, and assistance was given as needed. Tanya Hirsch, North Kansas City Schools
  • Having an assigned Kronos expert to our team was meaningful in that we knew who to talk to about issues. It was also excellent to have so many different types of Kronos product managers so that if we had an issue with a different part of the program from our expert, there were many different ones to help. The atmosphere was engaging and not too serious. Marne Larson, Providence St. Joseph Health

Putting Customers First

Putting customers first is the guiding philosophy behind everything we do at Kronos, and that includes product development cycles. Engaging customers through testing events helps engineers and product developers better understand – and see for themselves – the challenges customers face and the needs that they have. TestFest is just one of the ways we gather customer feedback, and it’s an example of our commitment to delivering the experience you expect with both our products and our services.

TestFest isn’t just about product – it’s about people and their experience using Kronos. It’s bringing customers together so that they can gain knowledge about what’s new, learn from others around them, and build connections with Kronos product experts and other Workforce Central customers. We want to create the best user experience we can for our customers, and what better way to do that than inviting them to help us test what we have in the works.

Bernie LeCuyer – Director, Product Management

Are you reading this and wondering how you missed it?

Seating for TestFest was limited and allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the nature of the event and the specific technical requirements, we must keep TestFest invitation-only at this time. Please reach out to your sales rep, customer success manager, or primary Kronos contact for more information about future TestFest events.

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TestFest – Putting Customers First, One Test At A Time


Published: Tuesday, November 20, 2018