Picture this. Sarah, an human resources director, recently hired a new administrator. Her name is Kayla. There’s just one problem. Kayla has no background in the Kronos Workforce Ready™ suite or the Kronos solution at all, for that matter. Sound familiar? 

Onboarding, especially onboarding new administrators to a system they’ve never worked with before, can be tricky. Given their job responsibilities, new administrators like Kayla must acclimate quickly to the Workforce Ready solution. That’s why we created the New Administrator Training Program

New Administrators for Workforce Ready


A personalized training experience

The New Administrator Training Program offers a personalized experience for each new administrator. The program is set up so users can complete it at whatever pace is right for them, because we understand that new administrators are extremely busy. We want you to be able to incorporate this training into your routine however you see fit. The goal of the training program is to make onboarding as easy as possible for everyone involved and to provide new administrators with anything and everything they could possibly need. 

How to learn more

Interested in learning more? We’ve got you covered with our latest resource, the New Administrator Training Overview. This datasheet summarizes the training program in its entirety, giving you brief snippets of every step. It’s a great way to see what the program offers as well as what exactly we do for new administrators and how we do it. 

We want your organization to be as successful as possible, and one of those ways to be successful is to reduce administrator turnover. The more training your administrators have on our product upfront, the easier it is for them to do their job. Don’t let this resource go to waste! Make sure to check out the New Administrator Training Overview datasheet and take the stress out of administrator onboarding. 

Published: Tuesday, May 19, 2020