Super Bowl Sunday can only stay super for one team and their fans when the tv clicks off at the end of the evening. Sadly, for New Englanders, it wasn’t our year. But did you know Super Bowl Sunday isn’t the greatest day for other teams out there?

Think about the restaurant employees who have to work on the day of the Super Bowl. While it might be an extremely busy night for staff at a sports bar, it may be less at small to midsize restaurants and bistros that don’t have wall-to-wall television screens. A quaint, French restaurant is great for a nice Saturday evening dinner, but it’s probably not your first choice to watch the big game.


According to an article featured in the Boston Globe last week, many local Boston restauranteurs decided to close down for the Super Bowl and give their teams a day off. While “Americans ate $80 million worth of chicken wings, drank $1.3 billion worth of beer, and dipped $278 million worth of potato chips into $39 million worth of dips,” this indulgence isn’t happening at local eateries – like Troquet on South in Boston, for example.

Owner Chris Campbell shares in the article that Super Bowl Sunday is one of three days including Christmas and Thanksgiving when the restaurant is closed. And furthermore, the opportunity to give a day back to his employees and boost morale more than makes up for any lost revenue.

Creating an engaging experience for your employees can be a challenge – especially in the restaurant business where hours are long and work is rigorous. Restaurant employees are ambassadors for your business who directly influence the customer experience, so it’s important that they are passionate, enthusiastic, and personable when interacting with guests.

“Providing a consistently positive restaurant experience is what creates customer loyalty, and companies cannot achieve it without an engaged workforce”Deloitte.

Super Bowl Sunday: Not always super?

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Published: Tuesday, February 6, 2018