It’s now officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so some of the hearty here in New England are now concerned with “getting a little cul-ah” and losing a few pounds that fewer clothes will expose… Yep. We’re badly in need of a summer makeover to transform us into darker, svelter versions of ourselves. Looking in the mirror at what I have to work with, I can only think, “good luck with that.”

Makeovers are easier with websites, and the results can be beautiful and more functional. Here are two recent Kronos examples:

Kronos Advisory Services
I love the look of this new page version. The advisory services are laid out both by business issue (Roadmap planning, Global deployments, application optimizations, etc.) and by industry (Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, etc.)

Kronos Community
The changes to our community home page are more function than form. The theme to our changes was to “bring important content closer to the community member.” Now, logged-in members have quick home page access to announcements, downloads, groups, and personalized content including personalized content across 6 data categories!

Kronos Community

The digital improvement makeover is a continuous process that fortunately does not require any sort of personal discipline regarding calorie intake. For us analog beings… Good luck with that.

Published: Friday, June 23, 2017