Are you ready for KronosWorks 2019? Start planning your sessions now! There's a boatload of awesome information, and we can’t wait to share it with you.  

I’d like to give you a sneak peek at some of the sessions you can attend this year. The best part is that there’s a little something for everyone.  

Start Planning Your KronosWorks Sessions

Are you an HR professional or a manager?  

We think you might be interested in attending some of these sessions.  

  • All Customers: Creating a Mobile Strategy to Help Keep Your Employees Engaged and Happy? – Does your staff carry smartphones? Understand how creating and deploying a comprehensive mobile strategy can be a lever for driving the highest levels of employee engagement. View full session description.  
  • All Customers: Are You Ready for Gen Z? – The Workforce Institute at Kronos conducted global research on more than 3,000 Gen Z workers. Join a discussion about how Gen Zers assesses their own readiness for work, what workplace benefits are most important to them, what they expect from their managers, and more. View full session description.  
  • Kronos Workforce Ready: People Analytics Gets Real – How HR Leaders Leverage HCM Insights – People analytics is an inescapable topic in the modern human resources (HR) world. Join a conversation between a technical expert and an HR leader to see how your HCM system can inform what you do to be strategic in HR. View full session description.  

Or maybe you’re a system administrator? 

Depending on your solution, make sure to add one of these sessions to your list.   

  • Workforce Central: Essential Tips for Application Administrators – This technical session will delve into key topic areas including record retention, moving from test to production, configuration analysis, review of best-practices settings, and health check techniques that can help maximize the solution for your organization. View full session description.  
  • Workforce Dimensions: Lessons Learned – Migrating Integrations and Reports – Discover lessons learned and best practices for integration and reporting. You'll get a Workforce Dimensions customer’s take and hear from Kronos experts about common concerns related to migrating from one Kronos solution to another. View full session description. 
  • Kronos Workforce Ready: What's New and What's Next – Jess Griffin, VP of product management and user experience for Workforce Ready, dives into the latest enhancements of Workforce Ready and highlights what’s to come. View full session description. 

For the payroll warriors out there.  

Select the session for your product and check it out.  

  • Workforce Central: Year-End Payroll Processing with Workforce Payroll – Learn best practices for conquering essential year-end tasks and prepare for 2020. Investigate product tools such as business intelligence reporting and bulk batch adjustments to help streamline the process. View full session description.  
  • Workforce Dimensions: Kronos Payroll Services – Leveraging an Integrated Solution – Have you considered outsourcing payroll? Learn about the benefits of choosing the Kronos Payroll Services (KPS) solution as part of your Kronos full-suite product set. View full session description.  
  • Kronos Workforce Ready: Learn How to Have a Pain-Free Payroll Year-End – You won’t want to miss this session featuring step-by-step guidance on how to manage processing with our Workforce Ready Payroll module. When year-end comes, you’ll be feeling more like you pressed a payroll easy button and less like you’re in a payroll-processing panic. View full session description. 

These are just a few sessions offered at this year’s event. You can view more sessions here.  

Stay tuned! As experienced KronosWorks attendees know, there’s more to come, including this year’s KronosWorks musical performer! We still have four months to go, but we can’t wait to see you there!  

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a note at [email protected]  

Interested in attending, but not yet registered? Get your KronosWorks pass here. Plus, if you need to build a business case for attending, we have a special tool to help you on our KronosWorks homepage in the “Get your manager on board with a polished pitch” section. Check it out! 

Published: Tuesday, July 30, 2019