According to a recent Kronos Incorporated study, roughly half of participating organizations reported that the number of open hourly and salaried positions has increased in the last two years.

What does this mean? Well, it’s more important than ever to hire the right people to work for your organization and to get them to stay. This is easier said than done, but reviewing your recruitment process and the metrics you use to track your recruiting efforts are great first steps. If you have an effective process and understand the data, you can make more informed decisions about improving the experience that job candidates have when applying for positions at your organization.

Spring Cleaning

What better time to get started than in the spring? Spring cleaning isn’t just for houses, you know! Workforce Ready reporting helps you pull the data you need to make sure your recruitment strategy and your organizational goals are in sync. So, here are three spring cleaning tips to help you understand the numbers behind your recruitment strategy.



Tip #1 – Organize job posting data

Understanding how many job postings your organization receives year over year is a great way to identify trends in your open and filled positions, and in turn, make smarter choices about how you hire. Did you know you can pull this information into an organized report using your Workforce Ready solution?

Go to Team> Recruitment>Job Requisitions

Figure 1 below is a recommended report view including the following fields:

  • Job Title
  • Created
  • Requisition #
  • Job Status
  • Applicants
  • Location
  • Job Category

Figure 1

Spring Cleaning Tip 1

*To find this report, access your Workforce Ready applicant portal and go to Team> Recruitment>Job Requisitions

Tip #2 – Track applicant data

It’s also helpful to track and examine details about the positions you’re hiring people to fill. This includes measuring data points such as when jobs are getting the most hits, which jobs have the highest abandonment rates, and which job channels are most effective for bringing in new talent. Gain access to this type of data using a report found here in your Workforce Ready solution:  

Go to Team>Candidates>Applicants

As shown in Figure 2, we recommend the report view with the following fields:

  • Last Name
  • Applicant Hiring Stage
  • Email
  • Email Ref URL
  • Entrance Track ID
  • Last Application Step
  • Entrance Job
  • Jobs Applied To

Figure 2

Spring Cleaning Tip 2

*To find this report, access your Workforce Ready applicant portal and go to Team>Candidates>Applicants

Once you have this report ready to go, you can create a chart like this one to visualize your results!

Spring Cleaning Tip 2.1

Click here to learn how to create this chart.

Tip #3 – Group your data

If you’re pulling all this great data, you’ll want a place to showcase the whole story. So, bring all your recruitment data together into a dashboard! With the new user experience, sorting through hours of excel-like data is a thing of the past. Imagine what that looks like. Now picture your information presented like this:

Spring Cleaning Tip 3

Identifying and analyzing job posting and applicant data will offer insight into how well your recruiting efforts are going. To take it a step further, using those metrics can help you discover areas where your strategy is succeeding and areas where it might need improvement. Operating within the new applicant portal provides the most comprehensive view of these metrics.

Using the new applicant portal also provides several benefits to the applicants you’re trying to reach including:

  • Opportunities to extend your brand to candidates while job hunting
  • Smart search for available jobs and job panels providing views of position listings
  • Progress bar for monitoring application status
  • Easy-to-use navigation for following online application content

Recruitment tools

Last but not least, check out these three resources to help you kick things off:

  1. A Simple Guide to Recruiting: Practical steps for HR professionals who wear many hats – This eBook explains how recruiting technology can help you hire the right candidates for your organization.
  2. New User Experience Kronos Community Page – Head to our New User Experience page to learn how to turn on the new applicant experience.
  3. How To Configure Charts and Graphs in the New Desktop UI – Read this article to master turning your reports into interactive charts and graphs.

There you have it! Just a few ways to help you focus in on the right information. Spring cleaning your recruitment process may seem like a daunting task, but in the end, it’s beneficial to you, your company, and your applicants.

Published: Thursday, May 9, 2019