Last year, I had the valuable opportunity to hear one of our customers speak about global personas and how different countries have unique timekeeping related laws, legislations, and tracking requirements. The importance of a standardized approach was clear, as managing a global workforce can be a complex and challenging process – especially if you’re rolling out new technology across borders.

Simplifying Global Workforce Management

But, the exciting news? Kronos Paragon implementation methodology is now supported in more than 50 countries! With an online workspace, industry configuration, dynamic documentation, accelerated testing, and now multiple language offerings, the Kronos Paragon global implementation approach provides the foundation for millions upon millions of country-specific compliance regulations, labor laws, and language requirements.

The recent global enhancements to the Kronos Paragon strategy jogged my memory of the customer’s presentation and the emphasis on accommodating multicultural landscapes. Globalization is a driving force in today’s fast-paced world of growing businesses, and it’s pushing organizations to rethink how they build and manage an engaged workforce. The first step to success? Starting with a smooth implementation for any tools or technologies you introduce to your organization. A well-thought-out, carefully constructed software deployment strategy for your worldwide locations will help you increase time to value and achieve a rapid return on your investment.

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Published: Tuesday, July 18, 2017