By Melissa Spinella, Kronos Community Manager

  1. Seventeen may be a prime number, the atomic number of chlorine and a popular teen magazine, but to Kronos it is so much more. To Kronos, it is our SEVENTEEN YEARS of excellence in customer satisfaction! Kronos recently received the NorthFace ScoreBoard AwardSM from the Omega Management Group Corp. for excellence in customer satisfaction for 2016 – one of only two companies to have done so for seventeen consecutive years!  Here’s a look at just some of the numbers:

Is seventeen just a number? Not to Kronos!

We receive customer experience data through our voice of the customer program – specifically, through our customer surveys. We surveyed over 10,000 Kronos customers in 2016 on a regular basis about topics such as:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (Business)
  • Customer Satisfaction with Implementations
  • Customer Satisfaction with Software Support
  • Customer Satisfaction with Education
  • Customer Satisfaction with Depot Support

The Omega Management Group, an independent third-party company that specializes in customer experience management (CEM), then audits the results of the satisfaction surveys from our customers.

Kronos also makes it a priority to seek out customer feedback, ideas, recommendations and comments through many channels, including our Kronos Community, and we use that information to improve and develop our products and services, like Workforce Central Advisory Services and KnowledgePass. We ask, we listen, and we improve.

At Kronos, we put customer experience first and strive to provide our customers with the experience they expect every day. Cheers to another year of happy customers!

Published: Monday, April 17, 2017