We gave you part 1 in the post Piggly Wiggly, Customer Experience, and Your Labor Model, we linked to part 2 in Are you Black Friday ready?, and now we share with you part 3 of Retail Strategic Advisor Steve Strohecker’s white paper series, Measuring the success of a Retail Labor Model!

Seeing data is believing: In-store Sampling

This paper comes just in time, as we swiftly approach year end. Do you already have an effective labor model in place? Now is a good time to reflect on how well it’s served you throughout 2017. Best Practices for Measuring the Customer Experience and Success of the Labor Model dives into detail about how sampling, meaning in-store observation, allows retailers to measure whether the labor model is meeting customer experience expectations.

Steve writes that “store sampling provides retailers with both quantitative and qualitative insights that cannot be replicated in any other form of customer experience measurement” – and that’s why this is all so important. Sampling provides a fact-based approach for accurately measuring the customer experience on the front end so that you can successfully build an effective labor model behind the scenes. Steve highlights three types of sampling that retailers should consider:

  1. Work sampling – to measure productivity and determine how long and in which locations associates spend most of their labor hours
  2. Customer service sampling – to assess how well the existing labor model meets customer service expectations
  3. Operational sampling – to determine if standard operating procedures are designed to allow stores to successfully meet customer service expectations

Sampling gives you data, and data gives you proof – the evidence you need to begin making the improvements necessary to bring your workforce management strategy to the next level. To learn more, view the entire Retail Labor Model series on Kronos.com!

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Published: Tuesday, December 19, 2017