I have a happy story to share with you this holiday season. I hope you’ll find it fun, but it’s not the typical Christmas tale found in books or in your favorite holiday television special. Still, I think many of you will find it relevant. The story goes like this.


There’s a Kronos® customer at the North Pole who wears a red suit and leads one of the most successful toy-making operations in the world. Can you guess who?

Santa's WorkshopWell, he was stressed. But can you blame him? With the growing number of names on the nice list each year, Santa needed a better way to manage the elves and all their responsibilities long term. He ended up with Kronos, but that’s a story for another time. The tale for today is about post-deployment. 

The elf-force wasn’t adopting Kronos as Santa had hoped, and he feared that the workshop wouldn’t get up to speed in time to execute on another successful Christmas. Dare I say that elves can be a bit old-fashioned? They were sticking to their former ways and didn’t fully understand how this new solution would make things easier for them at the workshop. 

Santa knew he needed a communication plan, but how would he successfully connect with the elves and get their attention? He learned about the Engagement Toolkit in the nick of time.


What’s the Engagement Toolkit?

Simply put, the Engagement Toolkit is an adoption resource designed to help managers and employees embrace and engage with their Kronos solutions. Customers continuously inquire about Kronos-related communication tools for getting the word out, so we did something about it. The best part is that it’s free for Kronos customers and easily accessible online in Kronos Community. 

Log in to Kronos Community

Please note: Log in to Kronos Community for the best experience accessing the toolkit.

What’s Inside?

The Engagement Toolkit has three types of simple-to-use promotional resources that will ease your team into their new normal. Santa leveraged all three but found that hanging the posters and flyers around his workshop and in the break rooms resonated most with the elves.  

Customizable Emails

Prepopulated email templates (available in both Microsoft Word and Outlook form) are loaded with editable copy and give you a starting point to initiate and maintain the conversation about Kronos activity. Check out this example courtesy of Santa.

Santa email

Customizable Flyers and Posters

Editable flyers and posters help you get the word out to your workforce in fun and engaging ways. Options include templates with a welcome message, an upgrade message, and a generic message about what’s new. Here’s a flyer that Santa posted in the elves’ break room and in his workshop to generate excitement about new features in the latest release. 

Santa What's New With Kronos

Kronos Graphic Lockups

Kronos graphic lockups are also available to bring consistency to your own self-created change management communications and promotional items. Find images in the toolkit to use during new product deployments, upgrades, and releases.

Kronos Upgrade

What’s Next?

Up next on the agenda for Santa and his team is to deploy mobile. He plans to leverage the Engagement Toolkit again to help communicate key information about the effort to the elves. He’s currently in the middle of a pilot rollout with a small group of elves in the cookie kitchen. They’ve provided great feedback, which will come in handy when rolling out mobile to the rest of the workshop departments. Here’s Santa on his tablet getting ready.

 And a sneak peek at the mobile-focused poster he’s working on for the elves’ break room and his workshop — since the posters went over so well before. 

Santa Mobile Flyer

Wrapping Up

Santa was excited to share his story about leveraging the Engagement Toolkit and get others thinking about how it might help boost adoption among their people as well. If Santa hadn’t found a way to engage his elves and increase user acceptance in the workshop, he’s not sure what would have happened to Christmas. 

Follow these steps to download the Engagement Toolkit:

Log in to Kronos Community 

Navigate to your Product Resource page

Click the link to the toolkit on the right-hand side of the Product Resource page 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Kronos Christmas story! Please check out the Engagement Toolkit in Community, and keep it in mind for your next Kronos upgrade or release — or anytime you’re looking to raise awareness about Kronos to your workforce. 

The Engagement Toolkit came to life with the help of customers in the Kronos Insiders program who provided their input on the idea. If you’re interested in getting involved and participating in feedback sessions like this as well, click here to learn more.

Happy holidays!

Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2019