I’m so thankful that Lauren Nawfel has joined the fray here in the Kronos blogosphere. Lauren joined our services marketing team from the Kronos engineering organization, where she worked closely with our customers so we could deepen our understanding of their user experience with Kronos solutions.

I find it interesting that Lauren’s first blog subject was Kronos advisory services. These services are intended to help our existing customers continue to realize and extend the value they experience from their Kronos investment. We’ve been around almost 40 years now, and we’re fortunate to have many long-time customers. For customers that implemented Kronos years ago, it’s likely their workforce management processes have changed considerably due to M&A activity, regulatory and compliance changes, and an always increasing competitive environment. If this is true for your organization, has the configuration of your Kronos solution kept up with all those changes? If no, you may be struggling with manual edits in your system, process workarounds, and separate spreadsheets for workforce management tasks that could be automated in your Kronos system. Are you running to stand still?

Our advisory services consultants can help.


Speaking of running to stand still, there’s a new study out indicating running for an hour each day can extend your life by 7 hours each time you lace them up. Then there’s this article from Inc., suggesting our work habits are actually hurting our productivity instead of helping. One that hit home for me is “stop glorifying busy.” We’re all busy, but if we simply focus on what’s really important instead of being unicycle-riding jugglers during lunch, we’d get more of what matters done.

So… I’m going to the gym for lunch. Happy Friday.

Published: Friday, April 14, 2017