Dog lovers around the world are sharing photos of their furry friends to celebrate the 20th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. This amazing event began in 1999 as a day to celebrate dogs and promote pet adoptions – a very paws-itive cause.

Bringing pets to work seems to have an ever-expanding role in the employee engagement conversation. In fact, companies are implementing pet-friendly policies, allowing dogs to accompany their humans to the office once or twice a month or even once or twice a week. Isn't that paw-some?! The logic is that this will help attract and retain happy employees, and happy employees equal a more productive and engaged workforce.

I’m an animal lover, so I’m of course on board with everything this day represents. To have a little fun on a Friday, here are the furry family members of a few of my fellow Kronites. We thought about their personalities and what type of co-worker they would be if they actually worked with us:

The one who lives for lunch

Ruff day? Pets at work make it better

The cool dude

Ruff day? Pets at work make it better

The slacker who sleeps on the job

Ruff day? Pets at work make it better

The one who just continuously puzzles you (sound on)


Play your own game of whose pet is who! Trust me, it’s fun.


Published: Friday, June 22, 2018