The latest version of Workforce Central is available! If you attended KronosWorks or tuned into any of our recent webinars, you know that service release 8.1.3 is designed around HTML5 technology. Organizations who adopt the latest release will quickly notice the enhancements that HTML5 brings to the Workforce Central user experience. Overall, the look and feel of the solution is more consistent and the user interface more intuitive – resulting in minimal disruptions for users when upgrading.


To help you get started with the process, here are a few must-have resources to check out. Bookmark them for easy access.

Note: Log into the Kronos Community before following the links for the best experience.

  1. First, find out how Workforce Central is changing. Check out our on-demand webinar about transitioning to a Flash-free environment: Preparing for a Flash-Free Future in Workforce Central Webinar.
  2. Next, read this article to learn what your organization will need to do to prepare for a Flash-free path: Everything About Workforce Central and Flash.
  3. Then, view the content we have available to help you learn even more about your Flash-Free Workforce Central solution on our Workforce Central Flash Free Resources Page.
  4. Reference the documentation and service release notes for detailed questions about functionality: Documentation for Workforce Timekeeper v8.1.  
  5. Dedicate some time to peruse the Workforce Central 8.1.3 Flash-to-HTML Migration Guide listed in the product documentation. Access the PDF in the Kronos Community via this direct link: Workforce Central v8.1.3 Flash-to-HTML Migration Guide.
  6. When you’re ready, download the release files from this Kronos Community article: Workforce Central Suite 8.1 Service Release 3.
  7. For insight into completing specific tasks, leverage online help: Workforce Central 8.1.3 HTML5 Online Help – also accessible through your Workforce Central solution.

BONUS RESOURCES! Kronos KnowledgePass subscribers can find great content to support the Flash migration process under the Quick Links list. Access the KnowledgePass learning site via the Workforce Central Learn page in the Kronos Community.

  • Workforce Central 8.x Enhancement Resources: Learn about the Flash Free experience and start planning for the technology shift.
  • Migrating Flash Navigator to HTML5 Navigator: Learn about migration pre-tasks, process and testing, installing and deploying Help, and rolling back migration.

And know that there are other customers traveling along the same path as you! Join the Workforce Central Upgrades/Migrations group in the Kronos Community to connect with them and for helpful tips, tricks, and discussions about moving to new product versions. Also, check out the WFC Timekeeper and Attendance & Leave group for the latest on Workforce Timekeeper.

Lastly, if you’re the kind who prefers in-person guidance, know that we’ve got you covered there too. Kronos Services experts are available to help you take care of your upgrade to HTML5. If you’re interested in upgrade assistance from Kronos, please let us know!

Seven Bookmark-Worthy Resources for Upgrading to Workforce Central 8.1.3

Published: Tuesday, January 29, 2019