Questions are the building blocks of knowledge. Doesn’t that sound like a scholarly quote spoken by someone of honor and prestige? Maybe it is. I didn’t Google it. But when I sat down to write this post about Workforce Ready Q&A sessions, it’s what came to mind.


I started reminiscing about my college years at first. Tell me. Was anyone else a huge nerd? The library was 100% my sanctuary. I’m a UNH alum, and to me, there was no better way to spend a Saturday morning than with an everything bagel and a cup of tea at Diamond Library. Exciting right? I still feel oddly at home hidden among stacks of books.

Part of my nerdiness meant that office hours were my jam. An opening to get questions answered? Sign me up. If you don’t proactively ask questions, you won’t get answers. If you don’t have answers, you won’t know as much as you could. And that is doing yourself a disservice. This was my philosophy. Anyways, what I’m getting at is that Q&A sessions with Kronos Workforce Ready instructors are like virtual office hours with professors. It’s the chance to ask your questions to an expert who is committed to helping you learn. There’s no formal agenda for these sessions. It’s really about offering you the opportunity to bring up challenges and seek help from Workforce Ready product managers who have solutions.

Q&A sessions are currently offered for Human Resources, Payroll, Reporting, Scheduler, and Time and Labor topics. They are designed for administrators who have already completed trainings on the modules and would like to review information, bring up issues, or address outstanding questions with a Workforce Ready instructor. You can browse and sign up for sessions via Ready Registration.

Q&A with Kronos Workforce Ready Instructors

Simply expand the Human Resources, Payroll, Reporting, Scheduler, or Time and Labor options on the left-hand side of the Ready Registration page and click Q&A.

Q&A sessions are open to any Workforce Ready customer who is live with the corresponding modules. Take a proactive approach to learning and sign up!

Check out the Workforce Ready Learn page in the Kronos Community for more education opportunities.

Published: Wednesday, April 3, 2019