What motivates your employees? The answer to this question seems to depend largely on generation, but there’s one common motivating factor that stretches from Baby Boomers to Generation Z ...Leadership.

If you’ve ever played a sport, you’ve experienced how a strong, inspiring leader influences how you play the game. It’s natural to give a little extra when there’s a great coach on the sideline rooting for you to succeed. The same applies out in the workforce.

Put Me In Coach

I’ve been lucky enough to hear our CEO, Aron Ain, speak on a number of occasions. He’s the kind of authentic and enthusiastic leader that has you jumping up and down yelling, “Put me in coach!!” I’m eager to come into work and give it my all for a leader who I know does the same for all of the 5000+ Kronites across the globe.

I worked for a couple years in a different group before moving to Services Marketing, and I will never forget when Aron thanked me for what I was doing for Kronos after an event I had helped to coordinate. I wasn’t even a year out of college, so to receive this simple compliment felt like I’d just been awarded a Nobel Prize. It was then that it really sunk in how everyone at Kronos – individual contributors, managers, and directors alike – has a role that matters. Altogether, we shape this great company into a leading organization in the industry and create an outstanding, end-to-end experience for our customers.

So, I was not surprised when Kronos announced last week that Aron Ain was awarded the inaugural Ray Stata Leadership and Innovation Award by the Massachusetts High Technology Council on June 6th for his remarkable leadership qualities. What an honor! Under his leadership has grown a truly inspired culture at Kronos. Congrats to our incredible CEO!

Published: Thursday, June 15, 2017