Instead of saying, ‘I don’t have time,’ say, ‘It’s not a priority.’”

I still think about this one quote weeks after listening to Laura Vanderkam’s teleclass on how to successfully make the most of your time. I think it’s the painstakingly clear yet somewhat overlooked truth of the expression that inspires me. Of course what we mean when we say “I don’t have time for ‘x’” is really “I’ve decided to do ‘y’ instead because I consider it more important than ‘x’.” Anyway – It might not seem like it, but we all have the power to make choices about how we spend our time.

Prioritize What Matters

Vanderkam’s talk was delivered in a personal context, but the idea applies in the corporate/business world as well. Different organizations choose to prioritize their time in different areas. For Kronos, choosing to put our customers first is a no-brainer and a foundational part of our core company values as well.

I’ve learned throughout my time at Kronos that what you do matters, regardless of your role, position, or area of expertise. So no, unfortunately, I can’t answer your questions about optimizing system configuration, but I can spread the word about Services that might be helpful to you! In the end, all of us at Kronos have a common goal – and that is working together to provide an end-to-end, all around outstanding experience for our customers.

By the way, if you are upgrading your Kronos solution and interested in optimizing your system before you start, check out how we can help: Workforce Management Optimized Checkup.

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2017