Although many factors contribute to the customer experience, there is one element that is common to all — store labor hours.


I had a great conversation with Kronos retail strategic advisor Steve Strohecker about effective ways to manage labor and the customer experience. Steve says that aligning the two strategies (labor and customer experience) helps develop a business approach that ultimately builds customer loyalty.

Here's a sneak peek at a few questions we cover:

  • What is the retail labor model and how is it defined?
  • What factors play a role in shaping the retail customer experience?
  • How can retailers successfully enable the customer experience?
  • What best practices can retailers use to measure customer experience and the success of the labor model?
  • How can Kronos customers learn more or get help aligning their labor model with their customer experience goals?
One of the things that retailers need to focus on is making sure that their labor model provides for enough hours to accomplish everything that they want their customers to experience. 

If you enjoy this podcast, you might want to check out Steve's 3-part white paper series on the topic.

  • Part 1: Aligning the Labor Model with the Customer Experience
  • Part 2: How Traditional Methods for Gauging the Customer Experience Fall Short
  • Part 3: Best Practices for Measuring the Customer Experience and Success of the Labor Model

Or, for more Retail related thought leadership content from the Advisory Services team, check out the Retail content library on Existing Kronos customers can also connect with Steve or other Advisory Services team members by joining the Kronos Community group titled Global Best Practices - RET/HOSP/FS.

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Look for more podcasts with Retail Advisory Services experts in the next few months. Up next:

  • Balancing retail customer experience with employee engagement for better workforce management
  • How the intersection of millennials and technology is reshaping the retail landscape
Published: Tuesday, May 7, 2019