When you think about the word integration, what comes to mind? Let’s say someone approached you with that question. Would you have any idea how to explain it? I didn’t until I sat down with Matthew Brown and Ed White to talk about the magic behind software integrations. Matthew, a director in Kronos Services, and Ed, a manager in Product Management hold a wealth of knowledge on this technically tantalizing topic.

I’m excited to share this 30-minute podcast focusing on the nuts and bolts of the integration methods that enable us to gather the information we’re seeking – whether for work or for play.

You’ll learn about:

  • Integration methodologies
  • When and why they’re used
  • How they empower businesses and organizations

The takeaway? Integration should not be an afterthought. Organizations must put integration at the forefront of conversations about new technologies. If they don’t, according to Matthew, they'll likely "pay for it down the road with manual processes, disparate data, and siloed functionality.”

And stay tuned for our second integrations podcast where I speak with two more Kronos experts about integrations and Workforce Dimensions. Discover the exciting capabilities the solution has to offer – made possible by partnerships with other awesome companies. Coming soon!

Published: Tuesday, July 17, 2018