Yesterday was a hot one here in New England, so I took to the cold vacuum of the internets to sign up at the local Orchard Hills Athletic Club pool. After googling around a few dark alleys, I found a pack of 10 passes for $75. Perfect! Son Kyle and I headed out for some aquatic refreshment…

Of course the kid at the front counter was clueless when I presented the situation, so he sent me over to the “Membership Guy.”

Me: “Hi, I purchased a 10 pack of passes so my son and I could use the pool.”
MG: “A what?”

I sort of expected the transaction to be a bit of a hassle, but I humored “MG.”

Me: “Yeah, the ten passes for seventy five dollar deal.”
MG: (Completely puzzled.) “Do you have anything to…”
Me: (Confidently) “Sure. I have the email right here.”
MG: (Looking at my phone as I patiently waited to be escorted to the pool.”
MG: (At his PC, probably finding my transaction.) Sir?
Me: “Yes?”
MG: “That Orchard Hills Athletic Club is in Michigan.”
Me: “I see…”

“MG” was gracious and let us use the pool, but as this little story illustrates, it is my extraordinary digital prowess that makes me uniquely qualified for a new (well, officially) role leading the now 27,000 member Kronos Community that we launched in October... With the change of my responsibilities to focus solely on managing, engaging, improving and growing our community, I’m turning over control of the this blog to Lauren Nawfel, who has done a great job creating stories since first joining the Kronos Services Marketing team back in April. Lauren will also take over the @SmarterCafe Twitter handle.

People, Places and Digital ProwessI’ll still guest post here occasionally, and if you’re into that kind of thing, follow me @KronosCommunity.

Lauren, take it away…

Published: Monday, July 3, 2017