Starting a new job is a pivotal life milestone. After all, it’s taking a new turn down your professional path, and the experience on day 1 can set the tone for the first few months in the new role. Despite the critical impact onboarding experiences have on new hires, research conducted by the Human Capital Institute in partnership with Kronos reveals that onboarding is actually a weak area for many organizations. The study concludes that there must be a re-focus on onboarding programs to better position new employees for long-term success.

People, Performance, Paperwork: Learn about the 3 P's of onboarding and why they can't be overlooked

You can hear more about it in the webcast Stacey Kervin of Kronos and Jenna N. Filipkowski of Human Capital Management Institute are hosting tomorrow (Tuesday, January 23 at 1:00 p.m. ET) called New Hire Momentum: The 3 P’s of Onboarding You Can’t Miss. They’ll focus on why onboarding is a critical component of employee engagement and retention and explain why people, performance, and paperwork are three elements of the process to keep an eye on. Registration is free, and the session recording will be available to all who sign up.

“Employees have choices when it comes to their jobs. If they like the experience, then they will stay. And if they don’t, well…then they’ll probably leave,”

...writes in Sharlyn Lauby in a recent HR bartender article. This simple statement couldn’t be more accurate. And John Hollon’s personal story in last week’s post on Recruiting Daily is a great example. He mentions a role he left after a short time and writes that he can’t help but think a more positive onboarding experience might have altered his course of action. Tune into the webinar to understand how to leverage the ambition of your new hires and push talent forward in your own organization – rather than inadvertently steering them toward the door.

Published: Monday, January 22, 2018